Here Are Your 3 FREE Gifts!

1. Complimentary JumpStart Your Business Strategy Session 1on1 w/ Katrina

I love to offer Complimentary JumpStart Your Business Strategy Sessions to those of you who are READY TO ROCK AND ROLL! Who want to talk with someone who’s been there, done that and worked with thousands of people in your place to explore what your biggest business or marketing challenges are right now and what you can do to have a breakthrough.

To sign up now for a complimentary session 1-on-1 with me, fill out the questions on this page in its entirety and I will be in touch very soon to schedule our call.  


2. Your Own Entrepreneur’s Success Kit (report and audio set)

Get the Report: “21 Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make When Building and Growing Your Business and How to Avoid Them”  – download your report via PDF by clicking this link now.

Plus the Audio Recording: “The 3 Keys to Transforming Your Business to Fit Your Lifestyle” – Click this link to listen to the recording or right click it to download the audio.


3. Love Yourself Successful Audio Training where Kat Talks about Love, Money, Jumpstarting Your Business and Yourself!

Click this link to listen to this recording where Kat is very candid with advice around how love affects the success of your business, will help you make more money plus Kat gives some real tangible, practical tips on how to get more clients FAST. She goes deep on this call about your personal head trash, your love relationships and how to create your happiest life ever!


BONUS:  The “JumpStart Your Biz Tips” Ezine – watch for it in your inbox every Wednesday

Each week I share video tips, advice, articles, events and resources that you can easily and immediately apply to help you start up, grow and/or market your business. The focus of this ezine is to help you grow, build and market your business….and also YOURSELF!

To get a head start with more info now, go read some of my recent articles on my blog.

This ezine is powerful and to the point. In less than 10 minutes you can read the whole thing and get into action! If you are not completely thrilled with the value you receive, you can remove yourself from the list anytime with one simple click.

Now….what will you DO with this information?

That is the question….
Most entrepreneurs I come in contact with do NOTHING to implement new, effective strategies in their business.  I hope you are different than them, however if you know you need a jumpstart on what’s the next step for you in your business then I encourage you to for sure apply for the Strategy Session above first. I promise you will get more clarity and ideas from this ONE call alone.

The Strategy Sessions ARE designed to take you from small thinking and where you are now, to bigger mind shifts, bigger visions of where you want to go and during our time together you will begin to see what else is possible for you and even more clearly see your next steps.

SIGN UP for a complimentary Strategy Session now, fill out the QUESTIONS on this page and LET ME GET MY HANDS ON YOUR BUSINESS, will ya?

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!
Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &
Author of Love Yourself Successful
P.S. I hope you do listen to these audios and trainings that are on this page, they really can help you jumpstart your business pretty quickly if you focus on the right activities and mindset. I look forward to helping you along on your journey!

LIveBigEventsHeader-2016Ready to Jumpstart Your Business NOW?

Great! Then sign up to join me at my next live event!

Mark your calendar now for Kat’s next 3-day live business and marketing seminar event


Go check out the website to see which event and when at – there are 3 – 4 events each year that will help you jumpstart your business and your life!


Ideal for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Independent Sales Professionals who want to build a more profitable business but not work so hard at it. Come learn from Kat on how to run a smoother business, more profitable business, get motivated to take your business where it’s never gone before AND have a fun time working on your business in the process!
Kat’s workshops are full of implementable steps any business owner can take to grow their business. She works with dozens of different types of businesses and industries on offline and online proven marketing strategies. She helps you develop your programs, products and services, sales conversations, follow up marketing, social media, and so much more.


There are hot seats, laser coaching opportunities, massive networking, co-promotion opportunities, sponsorships and vendors.

Get all the details and register while Early Bird rates are still in effect at

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