It’s Time to Give Your Business (and Your Life) a Real JumpStart!

Do You Want to Discover the Single Most Important Thing You Need To Do to Start, Grow or Market Your Small Business NOW? Because you might be surprised, it may not be your website or your lack of marketing that’s affecting the lack of business you may be experiencing….

If you’d like to attract more clients, develop a clear marketing and business action plan and make more money than ever before in your small business (while impacting a whole lot more people) and you’re committed to doing whatever it takes around all of this, then this might be the most important call you ever come to.

In this ONE Free Jumpstart Your Business Strategy Session that we’ll do one-on-one with you, I could give you your next big idea, save you thousands of dollars or share with you something that you can literally take and implement today to bring you more business. You definitely want to take the time to fill this questionnaire below out. I know it’s long but by filling it out I think you’ll get lots of insight on your business too. Plus the more info I have before we talk the faster we can get to the meat of the discussion and if or how I can help you.

Shoot, on a call like this before….I saved one gal $3,000 by telling her NOT to do something she was going to spend money on that she thought she needed to do! And in another session I told another gal to double her rates; she didn’t hire me but she did what I said and made $10,000 that next month!

In this Complimentary Business Strategy Session we will discuss your business, your goals, your ideas and your thoughts on where you are now and where you want to take your business. Then we’ll discover what some action steps are that you can do NOW to jumpstart your business the fastest.

If you’re SERIOUS about growing your business quickly then there is no better time than NOW to do this, trust me on this and don’t wait or you could waste more time and money in the wrong places. I’ve been doing this for a long time and have worked with almost every type of business or industry, small, large or not even in existence yet. I’m really good at seeing the holes and opportunities in what you’re doing and then how to fill the holes and maximize your opportunities. Some of these things you won’t see yourself because you’re too close to it all. No matter how long you ‘wait’ to reach out and ask for help like this, it still may not all come to you on your own. Seriously, the best way to move forward faster is to get advice, support and accountability.

So fill out the questions below and let’s set up a call! You don’t have to even be in business yet, you could just have an idea for a business! Now is the time to talk with someone like me if that is the case so you don’t waste $1,000’s of dollars and months of your time with the wrong programs, doing the wrong things or taking the wrong advice.


*Your email address is safe with me! I will not sell, rent, or trade your personal information.
Which of my products, programs, or services have you done?

*You can write as much or as little as you want.  Describe the overall business, what you do, who you serve, and a brief outline of your products and services.
*If you have a “day job” or a job you’re trying to get out of when you build your business, please list that job and the days you work there.
Tell me what types of marketing strategies you currently do in your business (Check all that apply.):

*Examples: Not knowing what will bring results, not knowing how to grow faster. Not sure why your website isn’t converting customers.  (Don’t just pick lack of money, that is not a challenge but is a situation that you consider yourself in and many marketing strategies don’t cost money -so that’s not an excuse.
*Be very specific with numbers, timelines, “by when?”, etc.

*I need to know this so I know “where you have been.”

*I need to know this so I know “how you have progressed.”
*I need to know this so I know “where you want to be.”

Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker, and Author

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