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Hi! I’m the Meetup Organizer for this group that used to be called the Sacramento Speakers Network, Katrina Sawa.  Please go add yourself to that group FIRST, before you submit to speak at an upcoming meeting – only members of the meetup will be allowed to speak.

I developed this webpage to make it easy for me and for you to REQUEST TO SPEAK and to submit your information, bio, headshot and potential speaking topics.

MeetingSuccessYou MUST submit your information IN FULL on this page in order to be added to the calendar to speak at any upcoming event. If you are more of a NEWER speaker and do not have your speaker topics or speaker sheet together just yet, please do your best to figure out the answers or go hire Kat to help you (she helps speakers get a jumpstart). Remember, we cannot promote you as one of the speakers of this event without all of this information. That is why we cannot schedule you until we have it.

If you would like to see an example of a short bio or a topic title, description and bullets, please click this link to view a “snapshot of mine”: KatrinaSawaBioandSpeakingTopics-MasterShort.

Click here to view the meetup group page or RSVP to an upcoming event.

We typically meet on the 1st Tuesday night of every month from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, doors open at 5:45 pm and speakers are required to be there by 5:45 and stay til the end of the meeting. Speakers also get a few feet of table space to display your cards, flyers, forms or products. Occasionally we move the event to another night on the first week of the month so you have to watch the meetup page for accurate dates and days.

Location:  Holiday Inn, Rancho Cordova, CA

If you need help on what to do to PREPARE your talk, topic, bio, etc. in order to submit this information, then I recommend you listen in to this free audio training on How to Jumpstart Yourself as a Dynamic Speaker FIRST – CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS NOW!

If you are selected to speak, you will be emailed dates to confirm and what you need to do to also promote this event.

The way we are running the meetings starting and speakers is this:

  • At each monthly meeting we will have one “SHORT TALK” speaker talk for 10 min and one “SPEAK TO SELL” speaker talk for 20 min.
  • SHORT TALK speakers are classified currently as anyone who wants to try out a new talk, get started speaking or who wants to master your shorter talk style and content. This doesn’t mean you are a new speaker or a seasoned speaker, anyone can do the 10 min talk. Please apply even if you are new to speaking, this is a great group to “cut your teeth in” so to speak. The goal of having newer speakers present or those giving shorter talks is to give you feedback on your talks, presentation style, content, and more. We do pass out feedback forms to the group so they may write down feedback during your talk that you may then keep as well as take feedback on the spot. For the SHORT TALKs we ask that you do not sell anything from your talk however you are encouraged to generate leads with a free offer or giveaway of some sort and you are allowed to build your list. This is good for those who want to try out a new talk idea, have a great story/lesson you can share or want to practice a quick version of your signature talk. (PS there are more of these spots available than the 20 min talks)
  • SPEAK TO SELL speakers are classified currently as having been speaking at some level for more than 2 years. These speakers will be allowed to give an offer if they’d like, it’s not required. You can use this presentation to sell, get clients or to ask for feedback on a new talk, offer, etc. of the group as well. And at the end you may open it up for a few minutes of Q&A. 
  • No matter which type of speaker you are, you may give any type of talk to the group as long as it is relevant to speakers, authors and entrepreneurs. You may give an inspirational talk, a short training of some sort, a pitch type talk for a program, product or service or your signature talk, it’s up to you. This is NOT a presentation of your product or service however, it is a real speaking presentation that you would find at most conferences and business meetings. If you have a topic that you feel may not “fit” the group, try to spin it so you can possibly incorporate some of the points of what you want to get across but maybe in a different story or package to fit the majority of the business owners and professionals in the group. If your topic is not that relevant to entrepreneurs in general, then I may ask you to do it in the 10 min spot so that you can at least get exposure and get practice but I typically reserve the 20 min talks for content that directly helps entrepreneurs and speakers.
  • At every meeting as well ALL attendees will have 30-60 seconds to introduce yourself.
  • There will be a 15-30 min training at each event too where I will share some strategy about building your speaking business or your business in general.  
  • There is also a 5 minute business spotlight at the end of the meeting where 1-2 members get to receive support on a business challenge or concern.

We highly promote our speakers in the following ways leading up to your meeting date:

  • Mention in the Meetup group event post, your name and your topic
  • Mention in the majority of all reminder emails to the meetup group (over 2500 members) leading up to your event date
  • Multiple social media posts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to over 30,000 of Katrina’s followers, friends and the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network Facebook page as well.
  • We create images with your photo, title and Sac Speaker logo and date for social promotion that you can in turn use yourself.
  • We create posts and images for YOU to market with so you can easily copy and paste to share.

We do ask the following of ALL of our speakers:

  • You submit all the requested information in a timely manner prior to getting scheduled – 60 days prior minimum.
  • You agree to promote this event to your email list and social media following. You agree to email your entire email list a minimum of one solo email. You may send other solo emails out or put this information in an email newsletter too of course. You agree to share on social media at least 3 times on all the sites you are active on within 2 weeks prior to the event you’re speaking at.
  • You agree to provide relevent content during your presentation for speakers, authors and entrepreneurs.
  • You agree to attend a minimum of 3-5 Sac Speakers meetups within the year you’re speaking. You do not need to attend 5 meetups prior to submitting your information however but we do ask that you plan to be an integral part of the group. We want to grow this group to be a very supportive and collaborative group of speakers, authors and entrepreneurs who strive to share resources, do business with one another and more.
  • Speakers are required to arrive by 5:45 and stay until the end of the meeting.
  • Speakers also get a few feet of table space to display your cards, flyers, forms or products.

Note: By submitting your information on this page you also agree to receive Katrina Sawa’s email updates and videos; you are welcome to unsubscribe from that at any time however there are some AWESOME tips and information shared every single month that could potentially help you grow your business further. Thanks!

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