Relationship Marketing Is The Key To Attracting More Clients and Making More Money In This Economy

Tired of being the best kept secret in your industry?

Catapult your business into a hugely successful and profitable business this year by transforming yourself into the Go-To-Gal (or Guy) for your industry or organization.

Katrina built her business on networking and follow up and she’s going to teach you the systems and tips she uses still to this day so that you can better implement these low cost marketing strategies into your business with ease.

Why you want to attend this presentation and what you’ll get out of it:

Get out of the overwhelm you’re in or guilt your feeding yourself and learn a way to actually get all your follow up done including what to say, send, write or call about.
Learn ways to build and manage more quality relationships with clients, prospects, leads, referrals and everyone you come in contact to – online or off.

Katrina is also going to take the guesswork OUT of social media for those of you who are resistant to dive into it or who are using it but NOT seeing RESULTS! She teaches social media marketing in a very different way than other (more techy) social media experts out there. She will literally show you how to be the AUTHORITY in your industry with the marketing, networking, social media and follow up strategies she will teach you during this presentation.

Here’s what you will learn from Katrina’s webinar:
• How to make the most of your marketing dollars and time – to spend or NOT to spend?
• How to take advantage of opportunities that are right in front of your face
Simple, easy Relationship Marketing and Follow Up strategies to transform your plain old connections into clients
• How to get more exposure online and offline FAST
• What’s the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 communication on social media and why you should care
• Ways to automate and systematize in your business some things that are taking WAY too much of your time or money

Come learn from Katrina Sawa how she built a multiple 6-figure business and how she continues to grow her business every year even in a tough economy.

Join Katrina Sawa for a 2 Part Webinar Series

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In this Ebook I cover the following information because it pertains in one way or another to this topic of tradeshows and networking:

– Are You Prepared for a Big Conference?
– How to Effectively Follow Up From a Big Conference
– How Do You Become a Master Networker (even if you dread networking)?
– 4 Keys to Becoming the Go-To-Gal of Your Industry or Organization
– My 13 Networking Secrets
– Basic System for Following Up With Prospects Quickly
– Automate Your Follow Up to Double or Triple Your Reach and R.O.I.
– Tradeshow Vendor Success Strategies
– Getting the Most Out of Attending Tradeshows
– How to Avoid Design Disasters When Creating Your Marketing Materials and Create a Memorable Handout or Flyer
– Speaking at Events to Boost Your Biz – including developing your speaker sheet, how to charge, preparing for a gig, getting gigs
– 12 Keys to Maximize Your Selling
– Options for Continued Learning and Implementing
– Plus 7 audio recordings on various topics.

What some of Kat’s Clients have to say…


“The 1-on-1 VIP coaching you gave me Jump Started my entire business! Because of you, I took my passion from “hobby” status to actual money-in-the-bank “business” status! You have all the requisite characteristics of a perfect coach: Your enthusiasm and support never wane. Your knowledge and skill are ever-present. And your recommendations are spot-on.” ~ Lauren Salamone, Best-selling Author & Award-winning Mentor to Today’s College Women, New York, NY,


“I am amazed at how much material we covered in such a short period of time. You didn’t waste any time getting down to business. You focused like a laser beam and the direction you provided was right on target, practical and specific.” ~ Veronica Mayo, Founder, Vemayca Cosmetic Bags,


“When I came to a point in my business where I felt stuck and unsure about the best ways to move forward, enroll more clients into my programs, and utilize the opportunities and events that I had lined up, I knew I needed the support, guidance, and expertise of someone who was already at the level in their business where I desired to be; that’s when I contacted Katrina Sawa about her 1-on-1 coaching. I highly recommend Katrina Sawa to entrepreneurs who are ready to take action NOW and move their business to the next level fast!” ~ Lisa Hromada, Personal Branding Strategist,


“Katrina is serious and fun when it comes to helping you zero in on your business model and structure. She’s got a knack for finding possible streams of income that you can start building and implementing right away. I also find her to be honest and upfront about her own business experiences which is so refreshing.” ~ Helen Kim, Founder, New York,


WOW Kat – I am totally blown away. I have spent over $20k in the last 10 years on my business and never received an end-to-end solution even though they said they provided for that. Katrina Sawa is the person I have been looking for because she handles this stuff to make me successful, tells me what I need to be doing, sets up the systems for me to maintain, and this allows me to focus more on other things, such as Coaching and serving others, networking, using the systems that have been set up for me – Hire her, you will save $ in the long run, you will invest more in yourself by doing so, and you will be more successful quicker.” ~ Darshana Hawks, Relationship-MD,


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