Have you attended a tradeshow or biz expo and not gotten anything out of it – meaning you didn’t get even one contact that developed into more business or more money?

Have you displayed at a tradeshow or biz expo and when it was all over you had nothing to show for it but hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on marketing materials and your time?


Do you want to find out how to make more sales and contacts from tradeshows and biz expos whether you’re a vendor, speaker or just an attendee?

Good, then you’re in the right place…

My name is Katrina Sawa and I’ve been in sales and marketing positions for over 21 years of my very short life. During those various positions, from corporate to small biz to door-to-door sales I had to learn all kinds of sales and marketing techniques in order to either build my list of contacts that I could market to after or make sales right there on the spot!

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I’ve done probably over 100 different displays for my business alone in the last few years and I keep learning in fact on what works and what doesn’t. But for the most part I’ve managed to figure out how to pick the right shows for me, think up the right promotions, plan out a good follow up strategy and design an effective purpose and plan of action for the events themselves.

I have all this knowledge and expertise in this area and I wanted an easy way to share it with you so you wouldn’t waste a bunch of your own time or money figuring it out the hard way like I see so many business owners doing when I go to shows.

So I put together a Tradeshow Networking Tool Kit to Maximize Your R.O.I. with Vendor Displays, Speaking Gigs and In-Person Networking Events – It’s basically a very Comprehensive Learning Package.

Over the years, many of my clients wanted to consult with me just on how to set up their display at an event they were doing or what to offer for a drawing to get people to sign up on their email list at these events. Many of them wanted my opinions on which shows to spend money on and which ones would be a waste of their time.

Does any of this sound like you?

Well, I’ve been a vendor in many different capacities throughout my career and I’ve mastered the #1 thing you have to do when working as a vendor or an attendee at any event

When hosting a booth at an event, your number one goal should be to build your database list. By collecting business cards and contact information, you add prospects to your sales funnel and can-and should- follow up with them on a regular basis.

Do it now, don’t wait any longer to get your hands on these updated, creative and effective tips and strategies!

In this Ebook I cover the following information because it pertains in one way or another to this topic of tradeshows and networking:

  • Are You Prepared for a Big Conference?
  • How to Effectively Follow Up From a Big Conference
  • How Do You Become a Master Networker (even if you dread networking)?
  • 4 Keys to Becoming the Go-To-Gal of Your Industry or Organization
  • My 13 Networking Secrets
  • Basic System for Following Up With Prospects Quickly
  • Automate Your Follow Up to Double or Triple Your Reach and R.O.I.
  • Tradeshow Vendor Success Strategies
  • Getting the Most Out of Attending Tradeshows
  • How to Avoid Design Disasters When Creating Your Marketing Materials and Create a Memorable Handout or Flyer
  • Speaking at Events to Boost Your Biz – including developing your speaker sheet, how to charge, preparing for a gig, getting gigs
  • 12 Keys to Maximize Your Selling
  • Options for Continued Learning and Implementing


Audio Recording from my popular Teleclass – “Tradeshow Do’s and Don’ts”

This call will give the attendee and the vendor tips you will want to know for sure before having a booth at your next event or how to work the room as an attendee to bring you more business. It will help you ‘capture’ those leads and prospects that are there so you can add them to your funnel and continue marketing to them.

Other Audio Recordings from my popular teleclasses include are:

  • “How to Create a Memorable Leave Behind”
  • “5 Simple Steps to a Smooth-Running Follow Up System”
  • “13 Networking Secrets To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck”

Katrina Sawa Interviews Beth Schneider From Process Prodigy on a 60 minute Teleclass on “Don’t do Another Tradeshow Until You Listen to This Call!”

Find out things like:
– How to plan for and do an effective tradeshow
– What to bring and promote at your booth
– How to create a memorable experience with everyone who visits your booth
– How to develop a follow up system that gets everyone into your funnel

Beth Schneider is best known as a Management Consultant who can make things happen. She has worked with major corporations, Inc. 500 companies, small businesses and solopreneurs. The one thing they all have in common is the need for streamlined, effective and consistent processes and procedures.

Audio Recording of Teleclass on Networking Your Way to a Full Client Base

This is how I built my business from nothing, I networked like a maniac for a couple years. Now there’s easier ways and more automated systems I’ll show you how to incorporate, but this is one of the most personal ways to build a highly responsive database of hot prospects.

Audio Recording of the JumpStart Your Marketing Telelclass : “Tradeshow Networking: Maximize Your In-Person Networking and Tradeshow Experiences for a Better R.O.I.”

On this call Kat shared how to:
– Determine if and what mistakes you are making
– Set clear intentions and goals for these in-person events
– Create and capitalize on much bigger opportunities than you are currently seeing for yourself
– Systematize and automate your lead generation to double or triple the number of prospects you encounter
– Convert more prospects into paying customers from these events
– Plus how to negotiate more FREE or added benefits for you before, during or after these events you are already attending


Bonus Content

  • Tradeshow Packing Checklist – take a look at this for free now first!
  • Holiday-Specific Networking Tips
  • SAMPLES! Many of my own marketing handouts, flyers and table display signs for you to use as a guide in creating your own


P.S. You can keep hoping to change your business and make more money, but unless you are willing to do something different, take action and put together a solid marketing plan to follow – your chances for success are slim to none. So let me show you how to get an Action Plan together for your business now.

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