“Are You Ready to Talk to Me and REALLY Learn What You Need to Do to JumpStart Your Business?”

Are you frustrated with trying to figure out the most affordable and effective ways to bring in more clients or business?

Would you like to be introduced to a whole new way on how to build and market your business so that it gives you more free time to do the things you love while still making all the money you want?

I run into entrepreneurs and small business owners every day who struggle with finding the most affordable and effective ways to get more business and I love to be able to help them (and you!) on what to do so that you can be more successful faster.

I understand you may have worked with other marketing or business coaches before or you’ve tried many different ways of marketing your business with little to no results so you could be asking…..

So, Kat, Why Are You Different and Why Should I Listen to You?

Mainly because I have such a diverse amount of knowledge on all kinds of different marketing and technological strategies that there isn’t any type of business or professional that I can’t come up with new, affordable and effective ways to market your business for.

I actually spend tens of thousands of dollars on training, workshops and coaching every year for myself as well and that benefits my clients in multiple ways because I bring all that knowledge and expertise to you without you having to spend that extra cash on learning it all yourself!

What I Find Is…..

Most of the clients who come to me end up needing (at the very minimum) my JumpStart Your Business in 90 Days Home Study Program because there’s always so much that really needs to get updated, implemented or developed in a business and often entrepreneurs don’t realize this.

If you checked out that program or other coaching options and aren’t sure which one you would benefit most from and you would rather try me out first with this 1 Hour Business Planning Session then that’s great, let’s go! If during this session you decide to jump into some other coaching program I will credit this 1 Hour Business Planning Session into that package. Make sense?

So, really, you have absolutely NO RISK to do this 1 Hour Session do you?

So, sign up here —>>>  www.tinyurl.com/1hourwithkat   and let’s get moving!!


Not only that but I hear some of you asking, “Kat, I’m not sure if you can work with my type of business?” 

I’ve worked with all of the following industries down to the very different types of businesses, trust me. Relationship Marketing and the strategies and systems I help clients implement are so universal, with a little tweaking, they almost all work for everyone.

*Coaches* *Consultants* *Speakers* *Authors* *Copywriters* *Virtual Assistants* *Marketing and Public Relations Specialists* *Information Marketers* *Online Business Owners* *Service Professionals – Attorneys, Financial Advisors, other* *Errand Services* *Concierge Companies* *Bookkeepers* *Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry Professionals such as Fitness Trainers, Health Clubs, Chiropractors, Doctors, Dentists* *Wedding Industry* *Beauty Industry* *Healers* *Conscious Business Owners* *Artists* *Website or Graphic Designers* *Non Traditional Experts such as Hypnotherapists, Acupuncturists, Psychics, Palm Readers* *Body Therapists, Spas, Salons* *Home Improvement Industry Service Professionals such as Roofing companies, Interior Designers, Appraisers and more* *Start Up Businesses of any kind*


How to Prepare for Your 1 Hour Coaching Session:

  1. Come prepared if you want with a few questions or challenges you’re having in your business or with your marketing.
  2. Come with an open mind ready to think bigger and and be introduced to new ideas.
  3. Email Kat your website url prior to your call (not required if you don’t have a website yet however) and fill out the pre-call questions she emails you upon registration.

Logistics of Your Strategy Session:

  • When you sign up, Kat will email you some possible times to do your session and you will coordinate your call based on both your schedules.
  • Kat will also send you a pre-call questionnaire that you will want to fill out prior to your call.
  • Your session will be recorded so that you can listen back to it anytime you’d like to remember what was said. Often times Kat will spew out an entire sales letter, web page copy or follow up email for you on the call and you can then take the recording and have it transcribed and just edit and whoalla, it’s done for you!

The 1 Hour Business Planning Session is $250 (for a limited time!) and it’s a steal really if you think about it because I’ve been known to give people their whole entire annual marketing plan, new business structure, product and service models all in just ONE session!

If you’re ready to JumpStart Your Marketing™ (and your business and life too!) and learn some new ways to get more business and make more money now then I encourage you to take advantage of this right away.

So, sign up here —>>>  www.tinyurl.com/1hourwithkat   and let’s get moving!!


Don’t forget !!  It’s 100% GUARANTEED

or your money back!


Because I know I offer so much value when I speak with my clients I want to extend a RISK-FREE offer to YOU now….

I promise that if you do a 1 Hour Business Planning Session with me and if at the end of it you don’t feel like you received enough value you can tell me right then and I will refund your entire investment for the session!


Oh and I’m even going to throw in 4 BIG BONUSES! Over $800 in bonuses alone!


When you sign up for the 1 Hour Business Planning Session today you will also receive FREE Access to my product: Top 10 Ways to Attract Clients Audio Training (valued at $25 but really if you implement any of the strategies I teach in there it could be worth thousands of dollars in increased income for you each month) – so either way you win! (This is a $47 value)


When you sign up for the 1 Hour Business Planning Session today you will also receive a FREE General Admission Ticket to my next Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit happening Nov 12-15, 2014 in Sacramento, CA. More info about this comprehensive training seminar can be found here. (This is a $497 value)


When you sign up for the 1 Hour Business Planning Session today you will also receive a FREE copy of my Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System where you can take those contacts and leads that you generate from speaking and networking events and turn them into paying clients! The follow up system is complete with templates for email, direct mail, social media and phone scripts to you will be sure to get this done and no longer put off your follow up. Find out more about this product here. (It’s a $197 value alone!)


When you sign up for the 1 Hour Business Planning Session today you will also receive FREE Access to my product: Jumpstart Yourself as a Dynamic Speaker Audio where I share my 6 steps to becoming more successful as a speaker, getting more bookings, monetizing your speaking and so much more that it will blow you away! (This is a $97 value)

Ready to go are you? This is one of the best deals you’ll ever get to work with me and jumpstart your business, seriously….I’d jump on this if I were you!


As soon as you sign up for this call, I will be in touch to schedule our 1on1 planning call personally and at that time I’ll send you a pre-call questionnaire that you’ll fill out so that we can maximize our time together. I move fast on these calls if you’re ready plus I record them for you and give you the recording so you have it to listen back to again and again. This is very useful for my regular coaching clients.

The call is 50% off my regular hourly rate and I do that so those of you who are new to me can “try me out” so to speak. It’s worth it, I can’t begin to tell you how much some people have gotten from just one call.

Ok, Kat, that’s an Easy YES Offer that I can’t refuse….

Sign up here —>>>  www.tinyurl.com/1hourwithkat   and let’s get moving!!



“…this year I will TRIPLE my personal earnings from my old business!”

“When I decided to get rid of my “store front” business in order to create a business that would not require me to work 16 hours a day, Kat nailed it right on the head with the exact service I could offer and to whom. In just one session she gave me the ideas and encouragement I needed to leverage my expertise and time, setting up an online business that would create passive income streams, that I have projected this year I will triple my personal earnings from my old business. In addition, I work in the comfort of my home AND cut my time spent by more than half. The information I received from Kat was priceless for someone like me who’s looking to start a family but wanted a business model that could fit my desired lifestyle.”
~ Heather LeMere, Lincoln, CA salonsuccessstrategies.com


“One of the many things I liked about our coaching call was your excellent listening skills. You listened really well and didn’t discount any of my thoughts or ideas. Instead, you took each one, applied your experience, and extended the idea further.

You also have a large vision of my business and what I am capable of in the future and that was so inspirational! After our call, I feel totally on track with where I want to go. I also have a much broader idea of what I can accomplish and I have a step by step plan to get my marketing out there within the next two months, in an organized, professional manner! You came up with so many ideas I hadn’t considered, like, developing materials I can sell online, setting up online payments, and the call and mail process you coached me through.”

~ Leslie K. Brown, Strategic Communication Consulting, Truckee, CA


“If you ask a creative person how they did something they look at you with this look of “huh” on their face because they really can’t answer the question. Yet if you ask a non-creative person how they did something they will systematically tell you step by step how they did it. Mind you the creative person isn’t trying to be aloof they simply can’t tell you exactly how they did it because they simply “see things” the average person doesn’t.

Katrina Sawa has a true gift of creativity – the ability to see things so clearly, with focus and conviction. She has a unique talent of being able to take what seems like the most daunting marketing problem and quickly and clearly break it down into very bite size doable steps of action. Couple that with her true passion to help women entrepreneurs succeed not only in their marketing but all areas of their business – she truly has what it takes to “Jump Start Your Business”!”

~ Stephanie Sherwood, Founder of The Tapestry Network, a Christian Women’s Business Organization

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