Video Biz Tip: 11 Steps to Effective Sales Conversations

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I’m excited to talk to you today about Sales Conversations. I know, you don’t want to be a salesperson, you don’t want to be "salesy". But you must have sales conversations in your business – there’s no way around it. Good Luck finding a salesperson who cares as much about your business as you do! Bottom Line – you need to hone your sales skills, no matter what industry or business you are in. I’ve had years of training and experience in Sales and Marketing – that’s why I can deliver this type of coaching to my clients quickly and effectively. If you are not persistent in delivering information and consistent in asking questions of your prospective clients; if you are not having the … [Read more...]

5 Keys for Better Converting Sales Conversations

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Today’s video tip is about Creating Better Converting Sales Conversations. It’s a task that as an entrepreneur, some aren't always that strong with....sales conversations. If you struggle with how to either get more people to sales conversations with you or having them say YES to you, then check out today's video tip. These 5 keys will help you tremendously when talking with prospects whether it's on the phone, in person or via email or online. 1. Connect & Build More Rapport 2. Ask Questions, Listen & Don't Preach 3. Don't Share Your Pricing Too Soon 4. Remain Indifferent 5.. Offer "This or That" Listen in to hear me explain all this more! Click on the video … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip: What Are You Selling? (Series #2)

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So what are you selling? Are you super clear on that? Are you sure? Is it super clear to your ideal clients and everyone you speak to? If not, that could be one of the biggest reasons you're not seeing the money roll in like you want it to. There are a few things to think about when it comes to figuring out what you're actually selling.... This video is the second in a series of 5 videos that shares more how to get really clear on what you need to do and how in order to make more money this coming year. Listen in and see where you may want to focus for yourself.   Click the video image to watch now. Come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary … [Read more...]

Want to Make Money From Speaking?

Are you watching me and wondering how to get a ton of speaking events and gigs like me for yourself (online or virtually)? It's not that difficult if you're prepared and know what you're doing. Are you ready to generate more money in your business than you’ve ever dreamed imaginable? If so….then you’d better get speaking! My name is Katrina Sawa and I’m known as The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach for a reason….I literally kick my clients and their businesses into high gear because I can see the holes and opportunities a business owner or entrepreneur has right in front of your face when you don’t see it. Speaking is one of those HUGE OPPORTUNITIES! If you are NOT already speaking in … [Read more...]

Prioritizing Your Time for Success

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Prioritizing Your Time for Success   One of the biggest things that stops entrepreneurs from seeing more success and profits in your business is the lack of time management. It’s not easy to figure out how to prioritize your to do’s, tasks and time in order to get what needs to be done, done and in a timely manner. It’s also not easy to figure out always what to do in your marketing in order to see the best return on investment, right? I get it, these are things I have to work on pretty early on with all my clients so they don’t waste more time and money. It’s important to do things “in order of importance” for your goals and your business. That means, if your goal is to … [Read more...]

Power of Words Speaker Summit 2015

Power of Words Speaker Summit 2015 Friday, August 21st @1pm to 7pm PST Sacramento, CA If you are planning to be in the Sacramento area on Friday, August 21st, you’ll want to join me and other fantastic speakers at the Power of Words Speaker Summit. Why? Because I know you will gain valuable information and tools to take your business to the next level! We have a wealth of knowledge and information to share with you on a variety of important business related topics like Sales, Social Media Marketing and much more. You’ll learn how words have an effect on your business and we’ll give you strategies for transforming your business with words. Ticket price is $20 per person or bring a … [Read more...]

Are you a Wishy Washy Salesperson with Ineffective Sales Conversations?


No matter what industry you're in or which products and services you sell, you have to be a salesperson in your business. Stop trying to avoid selling. I realize some of you don't want to be too salesy or annoying in your approach but you may not be doing enough to even get a sale if you're too worried about that. Are you the type of business owner who: Tells people you meet "If you're interested, give me a call" rather than "I see you're interested, how about we set up a time to talk about it?" or something similar to take the prospect to the next step. Hands out your business card or brochure to a person you're having a conversation with to explain what you do rather than talks to … [Read more...]

Video: Creating Easy YES Offers


Today I'm talking about when to do free vs. paid introductory offers and sessions in your business or your funnel plus how to create EASY YES offers too. I'm working on tweaking this right now with many of my've always got to tweak what you're doing and keep shifting, especially when things get stagnant. Easy yes offers are offers you want to have available in many situations in your business such as: when at networking events when speaking to groups virtually or live when exhibiting at a conference or with a vendor table anywhere on radio show interviews and telesummits your own free teleclasses and webinars videos like the one below and more! I share some … [Read more...]

Public Speakers Association Virtual Summit June 12, 2014 with Katrina Sawa


I am one of the Featured Guest Speakers on the Public Speakers Association Virtual Summit happening June 12, 2014 There are lots of speakers out there talking about all kinds of different topics. What makes YOU different? During this Virtual Summit you'll hear from dozens of great speakers so you definitely want to sign up to listen in! I'm going to be sharing however on the topic of:  How to Design Your Talk to Make Everyone Want What You've Got to Offer So, how can you stand out among others who do what you do? If you're doing speaking presentations already or even if you've never done a single one, this presentation will give you some fresh new ideas to get noticed and get … [Read more...]

Free Webinar: Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales System


Join me on March 18, 2014 for a NEW Free Webinar: on my NEW Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales System! Regardless of what type of business you have or when you started it, you’re just probably not doing enough marketing or sales. If you’re trying way too hard to make the amount of money that you thought you should be making by now then this webinar is for you. If you’re just starting your business – THIS WEBINAR WILL SAVE YOU MONTHS, IF NOT YEARS OF TIME, & THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INVESTED IN THE WRONG PLACES. You just have to trust me on that, you see, I’ve been there. I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on my business including workshops, programs, trainings, … [Read more...]

I’m holding ONE LAST FREE CALL this year….and it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!


Get marketing tips, business plans and your questions answered in a FREE Q&A!  It's an Open Q&A & Laser Coaching Call because I know so many of you have burning questions you want to know about around starting, growing, marketing or automating your business. It happens THIS Thursday, November 14th at 5 pm PST so sign up and join me - you can ask a question, participate or you can just be a fly on the wall listening in to other people. There will be live laser coaching on this call just like I do in my Live Big Mastermind group calls. You can pick my brain on ANYTHING to do with your business, sales, marketing, website, target audience, follow up, social media, mindset … [Read more...]

What To Do When You’re Down to Your Last Few Hundred Bucks


I’m writing this article on What To Do When You’re Down to Your Last Few Hundred Bucks because it’s been a common theme lately with some of the small business owners I’ve met, and even some of my own clients when they first start working with me. None of us want to get in business to fail. We certainly don’t want to go back and get a J.O.B. either. So what do you do when your business just hasn’t produced a lot of revenue yet or you started out and maybe invested the money you did have in some of the wrong places? No one likes to talk about this either, like it’s not happening or something. Don’t be embarrassed if this is you because it’s pretty common. Entrepreneurs are starting … [Read more...]



Are You Ready to Make Some HUGE Shifts in Your Business to Build The Business & Lifestyle That You Were Hoping You'd Have When You First Started Your Business? Then it takes looking at EVERYTHING in your business - the BIG Picture, the marketing, the systems, the sales processes, your customer base, referral sources, your online presence, website and even your own mindset around it all! You deserve it and you deserve more. You deserve to create the business of your dreams and you can.  I understand you may have worked with other marketing or business coaches before or you've tried many different ways of marketing your business with little to no results so you could be … [Read more...]

[Video Ezine] Save time & make more money doing this…

Katrina Sawa speaks about masterminds on her radio show

I want to share a video with you I did earlier this week recording my Jumpstart Your Business Now Radio Show for 3 reasons: The radio show this week was me doing a Solo Show without a guest which means I gave a 30 min mini training session! You definitley want to go watch it. I'm looking for guests for my 2014 shows! You can find out how to apply to be a guest here now. I wanted you to also notice first hand how I leveraged this show....I hold it for free live each week, I promote it on social media and my blog and emails, I took the video of this and posted it on youtube, pinterest and then linked it out again to my social sites in different posts automatically. If you're not … [Read more...]

Could you turn your business into a Global Movement? Register Now to learn how!


What if I told you that you could turn your business into a world-wide global movement?  Click here to find out how. It is my pleasure to announce that I will be a speaker on the Global Movement Maker Summit – a FREE Telesummit of over 25 of the world’s top Global Movement Makers who will share their strategies to unleash your great idea to transform the world! Click here to join this incredible event that will empower you to: Become a highly sought-after, highly-paid expert in your field Launch a new social venture using a sure fire 8-step formula Quickly build and have a list of clients eager to do business with you Accelerate profits by adding a social mission to your … [Read more...]

6 Figure Business Success Secrets: The TRUTH! Not the HYPE!


Join ME, award-winning, ‘kick you in the butt’ business coach Katrina Sawa for a special business-building FREE WEBINAR this month.  I have only done this type of FREE TRAINING live on a webinar like this one ONCE before so you won’t want to miss it. In this 75-90 minute webinar training, I will walk you through what other gurus and coaches on the internet aren’t necessarily telling you….THE TRUTH! The TRUTH about many things such as: What you need to do to start up a business these days and start making money fast Which services, products and programs are working right now in this marketplace (for MOST business owners – online or offline businesses) and which you probably won’t … [Read more...]

Ready for a life changing weekend?


Uncover why you are not experiencing the bottom line profits you've always wanted and learn exactly what you can do to create an immediate shift. Get crystal clear about the value you deliver so your marketing message grabs the attention of your ideal client. Understand the “anatomy of a successful sales conversation” so you feel comfortable and connected and inspire more people to say YES. Embrace innovative marketing strategies that are aligned with your values and personality. Witness how to build a rock star support team that enables you to play primarily in your zone of genius. A while back, I told you how excited I am to be attending Jane Deuber’s Uncommon Business Summit … [Read more...]

Building a Community Rather Than Just a List… Watch This Video….


I'm so excited to be home from my travels....I have a few more in Sept - I'll be in Monterey, then LA twice. This is a pic of the four of us from the eWomenNetwork Conference where I did a booth - remember that $11,000 big prize drawing I was doing? It was with these gals. Go read my conference recap. My life is crazy busy right now with speaking gigs, interviews, telesummits and my own events and calls thank goodness I have a few assistants who manage some of this and a very sweet boyfriend who puts up with my's good but when you've got a lot of balls in the air, organization becomes critical. That's one of the challenges and the blessings when you become more known as … [Read more...]