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If you haven't seen my posts on Facebook lately I'm currently in the process of restructuring my team. Not something I really WANTED to do, more like forced to do since my main VA (OBM) just left me to go back and work in an office. I know it was a good move for her so that's good but for me, yes, I'm a little left in disarray for a few weeks until we get someone in place to manage what she was doing (which was managing the entire 10+ person team!). I can't believe how it takes a village to run my business now...so far from the days of my one little assistant in my home office 9 years ago... We'll be fine I know it, my team luckily seems to know what they're supposed to do and it … [Read more...]

Katrina Sawa Featured in eWomen Network Online Magazine

I have been featured in the eWomenNetwork eMagazine about my Oprah experience and my $50K contribution to the eWomenNetwork Foundation last summer. Click here to see auction video. … [Read more...]

Oprah Update – the Recap

I finally am home, got a little caught up, met with some clients and now's the time to write more about my trip to Chicago to the Oprah Winfrey Show!Well, like I mentioned in an earlier post - it's all about setting your intentions...and if you're clear on what you want, the universe will provide right?Let's see how I did on my intentions....I'm posting what I said at the beginning of my trip what they were and then in blue, I'm noting the result for each.So, my intentions for this Oprah Trip were (as I noted before) as follows:"Be" Myself, Be Kat - of course I was, true and trueHave fun, relax - I did just that, I made the most of my trip cuz I can sleep when I'm dead!Inspire and motivate … [Read more...]

Oprah Update – last day and trip home!

So, the end of my trip came and surprisingly enough I was pretty well rested!I enjoyed a last bit of room service at my hotel and leisurely awaited my car for the trip to the airport; meanwhile I snapped a couple pictures - one of me by that nice fire in my hotel lobby and one outside the charming front door. I highly recommend the Burnham Hotel if you ever travel to Chicago! The car ride unfortunately was somewhat of a repeat of the one coming...no waters but at least no smoke. I think people in California take their car rides much more seriously than here but oh well. I got to talk to my honey all the way there which was nice because we didn't get much more than a couple … [Read more...]

Oprah Update – Day 4 eWomen in Chicago!

Ok so I'm a bit behind in my postings and I'm trying to catch up....bear with me...I've also got my photos ready now so I went back in and added some to past postings - you can do a search by Oprah Updates I believe to see them (with pics!) in chronological order if you're interested. Last Friday, October 24th was my last full day in Chicago and it was the day to spend with a bunch of fabulous eWomenNetwork members from all 4 chapters in the Chicago area - all hosted by my new buddy Marie Hale. (here's Marie and I to the left after a long day of networking and night of girl time)My goal for the day was to make a bunch of new contacts, be an inspriation to many, chat with Sandra about … [Read more...]

Oprah Update – Day at the Oprah Show

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to blog, sorry but I spent most of the day yesterday at The Oprah Winfrey Show studios. Boy do they have that place locked up tight; it's harder to get into that studio than through airport security!!! No cameras, cell phones, writing paper or utelsils, no drinks, water....I tell you. It's good though; for Oprah's sake. We were there at 7 am, we got shuffled through the crowd and luckily were VIP's so our party's name was called first to sit down cuz it was packed in there. You have to wait a little over an hour before they take you into the set but they fed us which was cool.We knew we were seeing a Dr. Oz Show and the topic was a follow up show to one about … [Read more...]

Oprah Update – Kat’s Appearance on the Gayle King XM Radio Show on Thursday, October 23rd

Wow! So what a day! Day 2 (I'm writing a complete journal on this experience and there are a lot of little details I can't possibly write about here but I'll compile them somehow soon.)I arrived at the Oprah Radio studios about noon today just in time to sit in on a taping of the Gayle King Show. It was so exciting to be in the midst of all that goes on behind the scenes; some of which I can't even share with anyone which is absolutely killing me!!!!Even pictures, I can't show most of the ones I took today which is a bummer....that's the fun part right? Oh well, it's all good....I'll try to post what I can on here and on my Facebook profile when I get home.Today though the Law of Attraction … [Read more...]

Oprah Update – Setting My Intentions

Over the last couple years and all my mastermind group meetings and events one thing I've learned is that when you go to an important event or have something coming up in life or even if you just want to set some goals....it's sooooo important to set your intentions for what you want to happen.I've learned that you should talk about them as though they have already happened and then make sure they are on top of your mind at all times to keep you focused.So, my intentions for this Oprah Trip are as follows:"Be" Myself, Be KatHave fun, relaxInspire and motivate othersBe inspired and open to learning new things and thoughtsBe open to possibilities and all opportunities that may comeGet one or … [Read more...]

Oprah Update – Oct 21st

I'm here - in Chicago! I spent most of the day today traveling from Sacramento, through Dallas and checked in at 4 pm Chicago time.While I love everything that American Airlines stands for, how they contribute to the eWomenNetwork Foundation and helped sponsor my trip and how Nora, the VP of Women's Sales is so fabulous.....I can't get over the fact that their seats are so close together and it's such a tight fit to travel with them.I was praying the whole way that a seat in First Class would open up! The car service wasn't all that either mind you. Don't get me wrong...thank GOD I HAD car service since the taxis there were like hungry piranahs. But the driver made me walk all the way out to … [Read more...]

Oprah Update #4

So it's getting really close to me leaving for Chicago and I'm getting excited and a little nervous. I just had a coaching call with Kym and Sandra Yancey yesterday though (Sandra is CEO and Founder of eWomenNetwork and Kym is her husband who also works in the business - they're the ones who set up this package), they helped me focus on what my intentions were for my trip and helped me with my 'sound bytes' (those are quick statements you want to remember when speaking to the media that you make sure to get out).I've decided that my intention is to just 'be myself' and NOT have a plan because you can't plan this stuff; I just have faith that the opportunities, connections and ideas that are … [Read more...]

Oprah Update #3

I'm going to Chicago in October, what are you doing? If you’re reading my weekly ezines or you saw me at the eWomenNetwork conference bid on the Oprah package, then I finally know - it's Oct 21-24 and I'd love to connect with anyone in the area! Send me an email or connect with me on Facebook so we can meet up when I am in Chicago.Technorati Tags: Katrina Sawa, Oprah Winfrey, eWomen Network, JumpStart Your Marketing … [Read more...]

Oprah Update #2

Oh and I just sent out a press release for my trip to Oprah and you can check it out online here along with that video of me bidding on the package, it's hilarious. Enjoy !Technorati Tags: Katrina Sawa, Oprah Winfrey, eWomen Network, JumpStart Your Marketing … [Read more...]

Oprah Update

I've already sent out a message to my Mentor Members and a few people that have recently inquired about my private coaching --- but if you're on the verge of signing up for one of my 1on1 services I need to warn you that I'm limited to taking only 2 more new clients in Sept and 2 more starting in Oct.Why? Because I found out when I'm going to Oprah and it's in October! I still don't have all the dates and details yet but I have to make sure I'm MEDIA READY!Oh yeah, and (when) I come back after being ON her show, you know I'm raising my rates again right? :0) SO ACT FAST PEOPLE!-Kat OutTechnorati Tags: Katrina Sawa, Oprah Winfrey, eWomen Network … [Read more...]

What Happens in Dallas….

The eWomenNetwork Annual Conference last week in Dallas, TX was off the hook exciting, energizing and (expensive!)...read on, you'll see what I'm talking about! First of all, for all my eWomen Friends: Let me say what an amazing weekend we had! For those unfortunate souls who weren't able to attend this year - OMG! You must, must, must join us next year - go buy your tickets now! Many of us can't even put into words WHY you must attend but if the sign of us signing up for next year at this year's conference (for hundreds of people) isn't proof enough, then I don't know what is! Go to http://www.ewomennetwork.com/. I don't know about you but clearly I made some remarkable shifts in … [Read more...]