My Live Big Event & other Events in July

jumpstart your biz in a weekend event

My Events in July started with another high energy meeting of The Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur meetup.  We currently have over 2,500 members in this group that meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month.  If you are a Speaker, an Aspiring Speaker, an Author, or Entrepreneur in the Sacramento area, I highly recommend you join us at an upcoming meeting for networking, collaboration, and training, which I personally deliver.  Get details and information at Today I had to pleasure of participating and speaking on the Public Speakers Association’s “Next Step” Virtual Summit with several other amazing speakers.  My topic was “4 Keys to … [Read more...]

15 Seats Left for Speaker Success Bootcamp April 2-3, 2016!

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There are so many ways to market and grow your business, get clients, and make money these days but being a speaker is one of the easiest and fastest ways – trust me! Whether you’re comfortable speaking or not, there is a way to get more comfortable so that you can make this one of your top marketing strategies. IT'S TO ATTEND MY NEXT LIVE SPEAKER SUCCESS BOOTCAMP! Using my Proven Formula: 6 Steps to Transforming Yourself Into a Dynamic & Profitable Speaker, YOU CAN DO THIS! There are 2 ways to get more info right now to see if this is something you MUST ATTEND: 1)  Listen to a recent interview I did with my friend Walt Grassl on his Stand Up & Speak Up radio show where we … [Read more...]

Speakers at Love & Money LIVE! Feb 2016


I want to formally announce the speakers at Love & Money LIVE! February 19-21, 2016.... Did you know that all four of my events this year will have very different speakers? Myself of course Brian Kypta Leisa Peterson Christine Hardy Dr. James Key Gary Salyer If you've been to one of my events before, this one is different, you don't want to miss the BRAND NEW CONTENT on LOVE plus more MINDSET training along with the very popular marketing, systems and sales trainings we do. What Else You Might Want to Know... Kat’s events are reasonably priced for any entrepreneurs budget. You’ll receive more valuable and usable content and strategies at this ONE event than many … [Read more...]

Personal Video Message From Kat on Love & Money

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Here's a personal message from me to you so you can see why YOU need to be at my next live event, Love & Money LIVE! Click here or the video image --> Join us at the Love & Money LIVE! event Feb 19-21, 2016!  Love & Money LIVE! is the PERFECT event for you to attend right now if you're... Not exactly where you want to be in your life or business Not earning as much money as you thought you would be by now Working much harder than you have to or want to Maybe not even totally happy personally in one way or another – maybe your significant other isn’t as supportive as you’d like about you doing your own business, maybe your friends or family keep asking you why … [Read more...]

Recent Blab and Love & Money Chat Room


Were you on my BLAB the other day? OMG it was awesome! Thanks to some friends who showed up live - Faydra Koenig, Tonya Hofmann, Leisa Peterson, Alicia White and some who showed up in the chat room too Grace Bermudes, Sonia Shafazand, Yvonne A Jones. Go watch it if you want to know why YOU may want to focus more on the LOVE side of your life or we shared a few of my Top 10 Revenue Generating Activities too! Find out more about the event this February 19-21, 2016 - go to or contact me from the site today! You can go watch the replay here, some of my speakers were there, other friends who announced opportunities for YOU to be a guest speaker on THEIR SHOW … [Read more...]

Getting Personal with Katrina Sawa


Can I share something personal? Over the last 60 days I’ve spent more time taking care of me, my body and my health then the last 2+ years all together. Unfortunately, I waited way too long to take care of myself in this way… (Watch the 3 min video from the other day about this here.) In the last 60 days I’ve consulted with and invested in: Certified Nutritionist Acupuncturist Chiropractor Podiatrist Energy Healer Orthotic Specialist And I’ve even had a colonoscopy to ensure I don’t get what a few people in my family have had Why? Why Now? Because I let it go too long. I wasn’t taking care of myself and my body. Some of you who know me well are probably wondering … [Read more...]

Generating Revenue on the Go with Katrina Sawa

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level and make a ton more money? Then it could be time to TAKE better CARE OF YOURSELF! Seriously not enough of you are doing this, I know because I talk with thousands of entrepreneurs each year... I'm doing a video series right now sharing some key strategies for YOU to be generating a LOT more other words, making a LOT more MONEY. What it takes to do this however, is FIRST ... you have to FOCUS! FOCUS on the RIGHT THINGS every single day in your business and you can generate more revenue! I've shared a few already and you can check out previous videos here on my blog, or get on my email list here: … [Read more...]

Generate Revenue by Hosting Your Own Event!

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level and make a ton more money? Then it could be time to host your own event. Virtual events are good and easy to start quickly but live events are where you can charge a lot more in the back of the room, watch this video for tips now on what types of events you could host and more! Hosting your own event can really catapult you big time and increase your credibility so you can charge a lot more for what you do. Go listen in then either check out my next event and join me to learn more at or come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here: or … [Read more...]

This Just Announced….Speakers for November Summit


I'm so excited to announce our speakers and sponsors for my upcoming Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit happening in almost one month! I'm bringing in some of my friends, peers and experts in the industry to inspire and educate attendees on various things from how to stop procrastinating and discovering how to maintain all day energy to how to make sure you're branded everywhere with your unique brand and also you'll learn how to power up your follow up and more! This November event of mine is going to be the best ever and I've been doing events since 2008. You don't want to miss this - there are only 15 seats available! Register here, check out the AWESOME 3 BIG BONUSES I'm … [Read more...]

Join Kat this month…


Where to join Kat this month? What upcoming events, interviews and business seminars is she attending, speaking at or hosting herself that you can attend? Find out below with the list on this page.   1)  The WOW Talks in Walnut Creek CA - Kat is the Speaker! Tuesday, Oct 13th, 6-8 pm Topic:  Put Your Business & Marketing on Autopilot & Watch Your Profits Skyrocket  Are you constantly struggling in your business or  working too hard and not seeing the profits?  Want to find out how to work less in your business and make more? You must automate, delegate and systematize more in order for your marketing, your business and often times your LIFE to run on autopilot. Yes, … [Read more...]

Free Webinar with Dan Fowler and Katrina Sawa

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Want to get a glimpse into the world of Kat and see what fun she has on webinars with friends like her buddy Dan Fowler of Imagination IQ? Watch the short video below now!   Join us at Dan's event, Imagination IQ! Oct 29-31st, 2015 Highly interactive and playful yet transformational type of event! Claim YOUR SPOT for Imagination IQ! Use PROMO CODE  "KATRINASAWA" to get $400 OFF!! If you want to stop being anxious, depressed and chronically overwhelmed in your business, then go register for IMAGINATION IQ where you can start tapping into your IMAGINATION and ENGINEERING it powerfully and profitably into the world... as it should be! Here’s what you’ll discover during the … [Read more...]

Upcoming Events, Don’t Miss Out!

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Where is Katrina Sawa going to be? What upcoming events, interviews and business seminars is she attending, speaking at or hosting herself that you can attend? Find out below with the list on this page.   1) WSA Meetup, Connect and Collaborate! Monday, September 28th 2015 @ 5:30pm – 7:30pm PST El Torito – 1598 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA Don’t forget to Join me and the rest of Women Speakers Association this coming Monday, September 28th in Sacramento!  The theme for this event is in YOUR hands! Everyone bring your speaker sheets, topic descriptions, bios, whatever you have written down. It does NOT have to be pretty or finished. Just bring it and get feedback, ideas to improve … [Read more...]

1Life Fully Lived West Coast Conference!

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1Life Fully Lived West Coast Conference Friday & Saturday Oct 23rd & 24th in Sacramento!     “Dream It / Plan It / Live It!” I love this Motto and just had to be apart of :) So Join me and hundreds of other heart-centered individuals, take a weekend out of your busy life to work on YOUR FUTURE! This amazing conference is centered on helping you and your loved ones “Dream, Plan and LIVE” your best life! I am so thrilled to be one of the Speakers at the 1Life Fully Lived Conference on Friday AND Saturday, October 23rd and 24th. There are all kinds of speakers, breakout sessions, collaborative type of sessions on business, life, health and more! You will … [Read more...]

Join Me at Imagination IQ!


Imagination IQ- Oct 29-31, 2015, an amazing live 3-day event in Sacramento for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to make MORE money using your creative genius!   Join me as I will be one of the featured speaker on Marketing--bringing in the practical side and what you’ll need to do to Jumpstart Your Market in amongst the 3 days of Excitement and Fun. This is a highly interactive and playful yet transformational event!! What if you were able to dream up an idea and INSTANTLY begin to MANIFEST it into the world? How would that change your business? How would that change your life? What if you used a revolutionary technique that makes people naturally want to contact you to … [Read more...]

List of Upcoming Events, Don’t Miss Out!

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Where is Katrina Sawa going to be? What upcoming events, interviews and business seminars is she attending, speaking at or hosting herself that you can attend? Find out below with the list on this page.     1)  Love & Money Welcome Call - With Katrina Sawa Next Friday September 11th @Noon PST This is open coaching time with me where we can help you get focused, clear on your action plan, marketing tasks, website, pricing or whatever you're struggling with right now. You do have to be an actual member of the Love & Money Club but you can join for free now and join us in a couple weeks for this call PLUS get access to some online trainings and our private … [Read more...]

Rates Increase Tomorrow for November Summit


  Do you want to attract more clients and make more money before the end of 2015? If so, you want to make sure that you are planning on attending my Jumpstart Your Marketing(R) & Sales Summit November 19-21! It's 3 whole days of working ON your business (I know, what a concept right?) and really getting the down and dirty details of: WHAT you need to do to get a Jumpstart Now, WHY certain business models and marketing strategies WILL WORK FOR YOU but you're not even considering them or you're unsure of HOW to do them, Learn the HOW of a ton of things you need to do as a busy business owner - with your website, online marketing, social media, speaking, networking, … [Read more...]

Upcoming Events, Deadlines Approaching, Don’t Miss Out!

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Where is Katrina Sawa going to be? What upcoming events, interviews and business seminars is she attending, speaking at or hosting herself that you can attend? Find out below with the list on this page.     1)  Love & Money Guest Expert Call - What's Your Story Worth with Guest Expert Tami Belt this Thursday August 27th from 3pm to 4pm PST This Thursday we have Guest Expert Tami Belt! This Call is for Members Only! Join Today to gain access! In this presentation you’ll learn that there’s so much more to content than generating stories. Translating your mission, vision and goals into a strategic communication plan will give you a clear path with actionable steps to … [Read more...]

LAST DAY Registration: April Marketing & Sales Summit


Want to join me and a great group of entrepreneurs who will be working ON their businesses next week? USE PROMO CODE 600OFF TO GET $600 OFF YOUR TICKET TODAY!! When you attend my Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit this April 9-11, 2015, I KNOW 100% that you'll get EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED, no matter where you are in your business. It's my personal guarantee.  I've got over 15 years experience in seeing what business owners are doing from the big picture all the way down to the nitty gritty in their business and how it all flows together (or does not) and then helping you determine exactly where the holes are and where you have more opportunities as well. This is my genius. You … [Read more...]