What’s Kat Up To in March – EVENTS!!!


  Hey guys!! March is going to be a very busy month for me so I wanted to share some amazing events where I’ll be presenting a variety of ways to help you with your marketing, make more money and grow your business. You’ll find me at the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network meeting this Thursday, March 9th from 5:45 - 8 pm in Rancho Cordova. Attendees can network with other speakers, coaches, and biz owners. Take advantage of FREE speaker training – our topic on Thursday is "Design Your Talk to Sell or Not to Sell." You can also sign up to speak at one of our upcoming meetings. Click this link to get more details and register online.   I’m looking forwarding to meeting business … [Read more...]

Creative Business Summit – Have Fun Working ON Your Business

Dream. Design. Profit.

Are you struggling with your 2017 business goals? Is time passing so fast and you find it challenging to focus on your DREAMS?  If I’m talking to you, I want to invite you to join me at the Creative Business Summit: Dream. Design. Profit. It’s a LIVE event that’s being hosted by my good friend, Dr. Minette Riordan, in Los Angeles, March 24th - Mar 26th. As most of you have heard me say many times, you have to take the time to work ON your business instead spending all of your time IN your business! Are you finding it difficult to do that? Here’s a tip - I find that attending live workshops is one the best ways to gift myself the time I need to work on my business. Why? Because I’m away … [Read more...]

Have you heard of the EBC?


The EBC is short for Evolutionary Business Council and let me tell you….it’s an intimate group of high level, big thinking, global change agents. And I’m a member! I absolutely love this organization and I’m so grateful that I found it. The members and people it attracts are doing such great things for the world and making a huge impact. I literally feel connected to each and every person that I’ve met so far through this organization, whether it be a casual connection on social media or in person. I just recently returned from the annual retreat and corresponding live event, the Global Influence Summit. I’ve not been to an event where every single person in the room, new or seasoned, … [Read more...]

One Day Business Training in Texas – Sign Up now!

fast cash & get branding intensive

Entrepreneurs in the Richardson, Texas area:  Join us for a day of intensive training on business marketing, branding, interactive mastermind and MORE!! Are you an entrepreneur who is frustrated trying to figure out how to finally get your business into more of a consistent moneymaking business? Does your revenue and income fluctuate each month causing you stress? Are your marketing materials working for you or against you? Is it hard for people to recall what you do or understand what you do from looking at them in the first place? Alicia White, Branding Strategist, Best Selling Author & Speaker and I are hosting a One Day Event that's just for you, If you are a entrepreneur … [Read more...]

Fast Cash & Mindset One Day Intensive – Reno, NV

fast cash & mindset one day intensive

Are you an Entrepreneur in the Reno, Nevada area who needs a Mindset Shift and a Consistent Lead Generating System to Bring in Fast Cash to your Business? Join me and Crystal Reilley in Reno, Nevada on February 18th as we show you how to focus on KEY Marketing and Sales Strategies, the things you SHOULD be spending your time on as well as activities you don't need to spend your valuable time doing. During this Event, you'll get a proven Action Plan with easy to follow steps and Scripts on what to say & how to say it on phone calls, in your social media, and MORE! This is the event for you if are an entrepreneur or business owner who: Knows it's time to share your gifts with … [Read more...]

Early Bird won’t last too much longer….Business Conference


Have you thought.... "It's time I get some help with this business. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I'm not sure how to consistently get clients and cash flow coming in the door?"   Well, then you really want to make every effort to change your plans and get to my next live training happening on March 31, April 1 & 2, 2017 in Sacramento, CA. It's soooo worth the investment that you'll be making to get here with tickets, travel and time; I promise! Let me tell you… you CAN have a very successful business and make as much money as you want but there are two reasons why you may not have gotten there yet: More than likely you've never really learned how to start, run or … [Read more...]

JumpStart Your Business in a Weekend

jumpstart your biz in a weekend

Are you curious to know what you need to do to JumpStart Your Business...?   ...and Have Your Best Year Ever!   The two most critical activities that all entrepreneurs or small business owners need to learn how to do well are: Marketing & Sales. And so many business owners get frustrated and burned out because they don’t know what to do to get clarity in what they need to be doing in their business and in their marketing. They don’t know how to make the cash register ring. So my question is: Are you starting up a new business? That’s great! This will be an exciting time for you. What do you have in place, RIGHT NOW, to market yourself and your products effectively … [Read more...]

Last Chance to Register for Love & Money LIVE! – TODAY!!

love & money LIVE

Want more Love & Money in your Life and in your Business?  Time is running out to register for my upcoming event on November 3, 4 and 5th in Sacramento!  Today, Thursday, October 27th, is the very last day you can register because my event kicks off next week! Who is This Event For: Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors, Healers, Service Professionals, Non-Traditional Experts, and frustrated small business owners or start-ups who want to see better results from your marketing AND get a better overall business plan in place FAST. Who is Going to Be There & Why: Join 60+ other entrepreneurs (and those just getting started) just like you who are tired of not … [Read more...]

What’s Katrina Sawa Up To?- Late October Events


This week includes LIVE EVENTS in the Northwest and in the Sacramento area as well as a Virtual Event late in the week.  JOIN ME ! I'm heading North and looking forward to attending a couple of Live Events in the Vancouver, WA area. OCTOBER 18, 19 & 20 - Portland Oregon & Vancouver, Washington at various events!  Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 11:15 AM - Networking With Results Meetup happens at WareHouse '23, 100 Columbia St., #102, Vancouver, WA  - Find out more on the meetup page here. Wednesday, October 19, 2016 from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM PDT - SW Washington Leads and Needs - it's a chamber of commerce meeting - Find out more about this event here.  Beaches Restaurant & … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Wanna Make FAST CASH in Your Biz but THIS is Stopping You?

Wanna Make FAST CASH in Your Biz but THIS is Stopping You

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked to you about making FAST CASH!  I’ve shared tips about making FAST CASH via networking events and making phone calls.  There may be other factors that are stopping you from making money, specifically Mindset and Limiting Beliefs.  I’ve learned from working with clients over the last 14 years that it’s not enough to just learn how to network effectively or make phone calls. So, today I want to address mindset and limiting beliefs that you may need to overcome. These are some of the things that may be stopping you or are holding you back from making money on a consistent basis. You might be experiencing other limiting beliefs too but these are … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Want to Make FAST CASH in your Biz? Make More Phone Calls!

fast cash - make more phone calls

Last week I gave you FAST CASH tips on networking more effectively.  Today, my video tip is about making FAST CASH in your business by making more phone calls! I know, I know – you’re thinking “I don’t like to make cold calls!”.  I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about WARM calling – Calling through your database.  These are people you’ve already met – those who are in your contact database. Just pick up the phone to say hello!  Start an interactive conversation!  You have to have a reason to call them, of course and I’m giving you several examples in the video below. This method WORKS!!  I know it does because I do it myself.  I don’t outsource these types of calls!  And yes, … [Read more...]

October Live & Virtual Events to Find Katrina Sawa


I’ve booked another month packed with Events here on the West Coast & Virtually - JOIN ME!     TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4TH from Noon - 1:30 pm PST - Part 2 of Kat's Brand New Webinar Training: Marketing Basics for Consistent Cash Flow - There is still time to get in on this $79 training and get access to Part 1, all the handouts, homework and attend or get the replay of this next class. Find out how you can join us and get access today, click here.     TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4TH from 5:45 - 8 pm - the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network meets at the Holiday Inn in Rancho Cordova.  This networking group has grown to be one of the most popular for … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Want to Make FAST CASH in your Biz? Get Networking!


Are you finding it hard to get out to more networking events or any at all? Are you just too busy? Or maybe you are not a big fan of networking. Are you unsure what to say, do or how to get paying customers from networking events? Then you DEFINITELY want to check out today's video biz tip. In today’s video biz tip, you'll find out how to make more sales and get more leads from live networking event and even make money ON THE SPOT, without being salesy and pushy. This works! Then come talk with me about it or check out my next event Nov 3-5, 2016. Info about that event and others is at www.LiveBigEvents.com. Check out the video below for more detail about Making FAST CASH in your … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Are You Focusing Enough on LOVE in Your Business?

are you focusing on LOVE in your business

Today I want to talk to you about my book, “Love Yourself Successful” and specifically about what’s in my book – The Four Types of Love. These Four Types of Love can affect how much money you are making in your business. These topics are top of mind for me right now because I’m preparing for my Live Event on November 3, 4, & 5th, 2016 called “Love & Money LIVE”. Check out the video because I’m also offering a coupon code at the end for those of you who are interested in attending. Most of the time, I find that it’s my female clients or friends who are not focusing enough on LOVE in their business. So I wanted to emphasize that to make money, you have to make sure you are focusing … [Read more...]

Get Ready for More Love & Money in your Biz and Life!

love & Money live

Get Ready for my Love & Money LIVE! Event in November!!! Are you looking for a good, consistent plan to help you make more money and strategies to implement to keep the cash flowing into your business?  Does your business consume all of your time leaving you tired and unfulfilled?  Do you even have a personal life?  My Love & Money LIVE! Event is what you've been looking for. I believe that LOVE + MONEY = HAPPINESS.  That’s why I host LIVE events like my new 3 day training Event, Love & Money LIVE!  This is not the type of workshop or seminar where you’ll walk out with a lot of generic fluff that won’t make a bit of difference in your business.  We are going to focus on what … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Secrets to Creating Virtual Programs That Sell

secrets to create your virtual programs

In my quick video tip today, I want to share with you my Secrets to Creating Virtual Programs That Sell ~ hosting your own virtual programs.  These are Group programs, they can be done via phone, video or webinar. This was a big topic of interest with many of the members of my Live Big Mastermind group at our retreat a couple of weeks ago. Many of the questions were around converting one-on-one programs and local programs to a virtual program so they can reach more people globally.  They wanted to know how to change from trading dollars for hours and move beyond just serving people locally. So here are my tips to creating those Virtual Programs: Mindset - Get Over Your Over- … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Ways to Make Money During Live Events

ways to make money during live events

Today I want to share with you ways of being prepared when you attend Live Events!  One HUGE mistake I’ve observed is that many people focus only on giving people their business card. WRONG!  Sure, give people your card if they ask for it but giving people your business card is NOT something you want to concentrate on doing.  You should be concentrating on RECEIVING other people’s business cards! Now – what do you do with all of those cards?  Well, I talked about follow up in some of my recent videos and you really should go listen to those videos to know more about what you should actually be doing in your follow up from live events and networking events! But today, I’m talking about … [Read more...]

August Events Where I’m Speaking in Dallas!

Beauty & Business Training Image

I wanted to keep you posted on all of my August Events where I'm speaking in Dallas! I'm so excited to speaking at several Events in the Dallas area from August 15th through August 19th! First up is an Event on August 15th from 6:30p - 9p CT, where I'm speaking at my good friend, Tim Gillette's DFW Coaches Event at the Coffee House Cafe!  I'm excited to be sharing tips to how to JumpStart Your Business online and fast. If you are going to be in the area, click the DFW-Coaches link and register to join us! My friend, Kay Miller Smith, The Energy Dressing Coach and I are co-hosting and co-presenting “The Beauty & Business Workshop” in Hurst, TX on Wednesday, August 17th. We are … [Read more...]