20 Ways to Get Out of Your Funk in Business


One of the biggest things I see with entrepreneurs in February is that they typically get into a funk. They set lofty goals maybe in January that still aren’t really coming to fruition or they’ve already backed out of the resolutions they’ve set and for whatever reason get into a funk about business stuff or personal (which in turn affects their business too).   Some of the things that can put us into that funk include: Realizing that what we’re doing to grow our business isn’t working Having negative people around you and saying unsupportive things Not having the funds to invest in or do the things you KNOW you need to do Just plain NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO I did a … [Read more...]

[Video Ezine] Save time & make more money doing this…

Katrina Sawa speaks about masterminds on her radio show

I want to share a video with you I did earlier this week recording my Jumpstart Your Business Now Radio Show for 3 reasons: The radio show this week was me doing a Solo Show without a guest which means I gave a 30 min mini training session! You definitley want to go watch it. I'm looking for guests for my 2014 shows! You can find out how to apply to be a guest here now. I wanted you to also notice first hand how I leveraged this show....I hold it for free live each week, I promote it on social media and my blog and emails, I took the video of this and posted it on youtube, pinterest and then linked it out again to my social sites in different posts automatically. If you're not … [Read more...]

Are You Too “Busy” For More Business?

Hi everyone, What a fun week it's been so far....meeting great people and listening to speakers including a bunch of TED inspired talks at the eWomenNetwork event yesterday....and next week I'll be in Colorado Springs speaking at the eWN chapter there - so excited!! Scroll down for other events and opportunities too! Meanwhile, one of the speakers yesterday, my friend Jake Tuschinski, did a quick talk about how so many of us always say we're so "busy". It sparked a huge controversy yesterday plus gave me some fuel for today's video ezine....Watch today's video then please comment below on this page and tell me what YOUR thoughts are about what you plan on doing about being so "busy". Oh … [Read more...]

Want to Get More Time Back to Market Your Business More?

Hi everyone, Boy am I glad my whirlwind of trips is over (for pictures check out my Facebook). Can you believe I did nothing but sit on my couch with my honey this last Sunday ALL DAY watching TV, movies and recorded shows we wanted to catch up on? I know, I don't do that very often but it was soooooo nice to unplug like that and just veg. Can you relate? Then of course, it was time to hit the ground running with FOLLOW UP this week and the implementing of everything I want to change and do from all the events I went to or spoke at. In fact I blocked 3 separate times on my calendar to do just these things. Do you do that? I recommend you try... This week's video tip is all about … [Read more...]

The Evolving Entrepreneur – Is It Time YOU Evolved?

Hi everyone, I wanted to start doing some more blog posts, sending more quick video tips, etc. so I hope you enjoy them! This week's video tip is all about evolving as an entrepreneur. I'm going through an evolution of my own plus as entrepreneurs it's important to be open to changing up things every now and again such as your business models, sales processes, marketing and more! Listen in to my message on this to uplevel your business and more.   For more free info on business and marketing go to http://www.JumpstartYourMarketing.com/freegifts. Plus I have a Free Webinar talking about the Secrets to 6 Figure Business Success you can access now or anytime at … [Read more...]

eWomenNetwork 2013 Conference Recap with Katrina Sawa

Susan, Denise, Rebecca & Katrina

Hey everyone! If you missed this year's conference you definitely want to mark your calendar for next year's eWomenNetwork Annual Conference! It's literally the best conference I've ever gone to for high powered yet very friendly networking, brainstorming, training on your business and FUN with a capital F-U-N!! It's always held in Dallas, TX and next year it's happening August 7-10, 2014. Click here for info. I don't promote conferences like this hardly at all, this is the main one I recommend and I DON'T even get a kickback or commission to do so! I like to do my own, personal recap of the conference every year, sharing photos, experiences, a few tips and things I learned, etc. so … [Read more...]

20 business experts to share how to get bigger results and faster results in your small business


My Interview is this Friday, June 7th - Register Today!  Invitation for Speakers, Trainers & Messengers:  My friend, Dr. Linette Montae invited me to be on this teleseries with her and 20 other business experts to share how to get bigger results and faster results in your small business. If you have a passion to deliver your message to the world and you're a speaker, this telesummit is for you. It takes more than passion to keep your speaking business running month after month, and growing year after year. If you are a fairly new speaker, trainer or messenger, you might find yourself just hoping for the next gig so you can keep your doors open 30 more days. If you are a seasoned … [Read more...]

Do you love what you do but struggle with the “selling” part of business?


Are you having great conversations but not attracting a steady stream of clients who say YES to you and your offer? Do you love what you do but struggle with feeling awkward and uncomfortable in the sales conversation? Do you find yourself avoiding sales conversations because you don’t want to appear pushy, salsey or manipulative? You are not alone. There is a better way! Join Liz Wendling, The Sales Coach for Women and Katrina Sawa, the JumpStart Your Biz Coach for a FREE teleclass tomorrow, Thursday, May 30th at 4:00 pm PT! EVERYONE sells something! One of the biggest problems faced by women business owners is not understanding how to attract clients in a way that feels … [Read more...]

How to Work With Katrina Sawa as Your Big Picture Business Coach


Hi there, its Katrina Sawa here with a special blog post for subscribers and followers and friends!   With the half way mark of 2013 just a few weeks away, I know that many of you are looking at ways to finally jumpstart your business into high gear.   Maybe you're getting to the point where you know it's finally time to take your business seriously and get the training and help you need. Maybe you're just at a crossroads and aren't sure which path to take without some personal direction.   Well, you're not alone. I don't know anyone who's built a successful, smooth-running, consistent lead-generating, moneymaking machine of a business without getting the training and/or … [Read more...]

Marketing Your Small Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard or Overwhelming

We’re almost to the half way mark for the year and boy is it flying by! I wanted to let you in on a little secret that I’m doing right now in my business and it’s about getting back to the basics. Yes, you heard it here first….the queen of doing all kinds of stuff in her biz is still doing the basics! Why? Because that what works! (in any economy) You see, while the leveraged business models are still working, there are some business models that you want to spend your time on and some you ABSOLUTELY DON’T right now…. It’s time to ‘Get Back to the Basics’ of what works in your business, the types of things you're selling, your marketing, your follow up and your overall … [Read more...]

Les Brown and Motivating Hundreds of Thousands


  This week I had the pleasure of speaking on stage alongside a very powerful motivator and speaker....Mr. Les Brown! It was exciting to not only hear him speak again but to be in a lineup with him this time was utterly amazing. Of course as the busy man that he is we didn't have a whole lot of time to truly connect but he was excited to receive my book, Love Yourself Successful, maybe he'll read it and see what I'm all about? One can only hope that it inspires him or someone he loves and shares it with just as he inspires me. This week was the Unleashed Biz 2013 event here in Sacramento. There were 11 other speakers including me and Les who were phenomenal. While we all made … [Read more...]

3 Sales Strategies to Incorporate Into Your Presentations or Speaking Gigs


Speaking in front of an audience is often intimidating or scary. Some of us are more comfortable with it than others. Selling from the stage or in front of a room to a group is a different story though. You may be comfortable speaking and giving great content but are you making an offer or leading the audience to buy something or take an action of any kind? Often times we don’t do these things during our talks because we aren’t allowed to of course depending on the venue and type of event. But other times we are allowed to sell but still don’t or we just don’t do a very good job at it for one reason or another. Typically people who try to sell from the stage but aren’t quite sure … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Capture Contact Information From Your Live Presentations or Networking Events

Do you ever wonder how so many people go to an event and go home with dozens of business cards or contact information and you manage to just end up with a couple business cards to follow up on? There are a few ways to gather more people’s contact information at live events without being cheesy or salesy in the process which is what I know most of you are worried about coming off as. This applies to you if you’re just an attendee at an event or if you’re the speaker or exhibitor. 3 Ways to Capture Contact Info at Live Events: Hold a free drawing and tell people about it either from the stage or in casual conversation. Make whatever it is that you’re giving away a digital product that … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Getting More Referrals Fast


Have you noticed how some small businesses say they get a ton of referrals or they work by referral only? Ever wonder why the referrals aren’t pouring in from your happy clients and customers like that too? After all, you are the best-kept secret in your industry right? Well, let’s not stay that way at least…let’s get you in front of more prospects and referral sources every month. 3 things I’ve seen, one or more of which that could be the reason that you’re not receiving more referrals in your small business are:   You’re not ASKING for them. You do need to actively ask your current clients and vendors or people who love you and your work even to give you referrals. They … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Getting Rid of Procrastination Forever


We all have it at times. I'm talking about the dreaded PROCRASTINATION bug. I know a lot of my clients right now seem to be procrastinating something.... Myself included, GO WATCH my new video to find out what! ;-) Procrastinating some of the most crucial marketing or revenue generating tasks in your business for whatever reason can obviously hamper your success so watch out.    Here are the 3 Things I've identified in the video that could be causing you to procrastinate - watch the video though for more explanation of them and what to do about them! Time Management - what are you doing to maximize your time? How are you prioritizing things … [Read more...]

New Jumpstart Your Biz Workshop Series

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.59.06 PM

Affordable One-Day Workshops to Jumpstart ALL Areas in Your Business & Marketing Join me in Roseville, CA April 5th for the first of the 4 classes I'll be doing this year.   Find out about ALL the dates and topics here.These one-day workshops will be designed to help those in attendance with the following topics. This is not my agenda this day, it will be custom designed to help everyone who attends with these topics and to dive in deep to get stuff done, get the strategies in place, implemented, developed or tweaked period. Topics Discussed in Class on April 5th: Options for directly marketing to new prospects, networking, follow up marketing systems, phone call scripts and templates … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Bringing You Lots of Quality Leads?

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 11.31.38 AM

If your website is NOT bringing you lots of quality leads EVERY MONTH, then you may want some advice on how to FIX it so your site does it's job. Your website should be designed, written and positioned to bring in leads and convert them successfully into paying customers consistently every month. Just because you have a website doesn't mean people know it's there - you have to market it. And just because people come to your website, doesn't mean people will buy, contact you or sign up for anything - most of the time, they won't.   The TOP 3 THINGS to Look For On Your Website Are: Does my website speak directly to my ideal target client within 3 seconds of them landing on my … [Read more...]

I’m tired of all the hype….let’s get to the meat shall we?


I'm so tired of all the hype out there on the internet about "make millions at this or that or by doing this or that". Every week I talk with a minimum of 5 small business owners who've wasted time or money doing the wrong things because they listened to some free teleclass or someone teaching a supposed moneymaking process. I want to dispel the rumors out there that it's really that simple to make millions...or even $100,000 because it's not. To start, run, market and enjoy a consistently successful 6+ figure business there are two things you want to focus on: Spending your time wisely (and you may have to spend more time up front than "they say") doing the right revenue … [Read more...]