What to do When Life Throws You a Curveball?


Can you believe that on the day Jason and I were so excited for him to finally be done with his radiation and chemo appointments (yesterday)....that immediately following his last treatment, he was in so much pain they rushed him to the ER and found he had blood clots in his lungs! Excuse my language here but What The Frig!  We are so disappointed mind you that this stupid cancer journey is not yet behind us. I know it will never be behind us with all the regular appointments you have to do following and for the rest of your life but geez already, give him a break. So, yes, that's what I'm dealing with this week. So cancel the networking events, cancel my trip to LA next week, it's … [Read more...]

20 Ways to Get Out of Your Funk in Business


One of the biggest things I see with entrepreneurs in February is that they typically get into a funk. They set lofty goals maybe in January that still aren’t really coming to fruition or they’ve already backed out of the resolutions they’ve set and for whatever reason get into a funk about business stuff or personal (which in turn affects their business too).   Some of the things that can put us into that funk include: Realizing that what we’re doing to grow our business isn’t working Having negative people around you and saying unsupportive things Not having the funds to invest in or do the things you KNOW you need to do Just plain NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO I did a … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t You Paying Attention to Yourself?


It's becoming very common, I see, for entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, to focus solely on their business and/or their career, yet forget one of the most important things they really should focus on. You need to focus on yourself, ladies. It's time to stop just doing things for everyone else, and it's time to start focusing on yourself.  I promise you that when you do this, you will attract more clients. You will make more money. And you will become more successful. However, I also guarantee that if you do not place a certain level of importance on yourself"?your health, your well-being, your love life, your environment, your support system, your time with your family, and … [Read more...]

I’m holding ONE LAST FREE CALL this year….and it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!


Get marketing tips, business plans and your questions answered in a FREE Q&A!  It's an Open Q&A & Laser Coaching Call because I know so many of you have burning questions you want to know about around starting, growing, marketing or automating your business. It happens THIS Thursday, November 14th at 5 pm PST so sign up and join me - you can ask a question, participate or you can just be a fly on the wall listening in to other people. There will be live laser coaching on this call just like I do in my Live Big Mastermind group calls. You can pick my brain on ANYTHING to do with your business, sales, marketing, website, target audience, follow up, social media, mindset … [Read more...]

What To Do When You’re Down to Your Last Few Hundred Bucks


I’m writing this article on What To Do When You’re Down to Your Last Few Hundred Bucks because it’s been a common theme lately with some of the small business owners I’ve met, and even some of my own clients when they first start working with me. None of us want to get in business to fail. We certainly don’t want to go back and get a J.O.B. either. So what do you do when your business just hasn’t produced a lot of revenue yet or you started out and maybe invested the money you did have in some of the wrong places? No one likes to talk about this either, like it’s not happening or something. Don’t be embarrassed if this is you because it’s pretty common. Entrepreneurs are starting … [Read more...]

Want to change a kid’s life for the better?

Stinkin' Thinkin' Book Cover

Kids today are exposed to more issues than we could have ever imagined growing up. Look no further than the headlines and you will have your proof.  One reoccurring theme that shows up is the negative effects of low self-esteem in children and the serious consequences of them. Most of our kids are not even aware of their self-esteem, and without the essential tool of awareness, they are destined to relive old belief patterns and repeat negative behaviors over and over again. Now that just STINKS! What if through the use of simple, fun, exciting and entertaining exercises you could help improve kid’s self-esteem almost instantly?  What if you were given the tools and techniques that … [Read more...]

[Video Ezine] Save time & make more money doing this…

Katrina Sawa speaks about masterminds on her radio show

I want to share a video with you I did earlier this week recording my Jumpstart Your Business Now Radio Show for 3 reasons: The radio show this week was me doing a Solo Show without a guest which means I gave a 30 min mini training session! You definitley want to go watch it. I'm looking for guests for my 2014 shows! You can find out how to apply to be a guest here now. I wanted you to also notice first hand how I leveraged this show....I hold it for free live each week, I promote it on social media and my blog and emails, I took the video of this and posted it on youtube, pinterest and then linked it out again to my social sites in different posts automatically. If you're not … [Read more...]

Learn how you can be outrageously happy and live an amazing life now no matter what!


What if you didn’t have to struggle with painful thoughts and emotions? What if you were able to access happiness, peace and experience profound well being anytime, NO MATTER what is going on in around you? Is there a way to live stress free, without worry and attract the love, success and spiritual alignment you desire? It’s completely possible! In fact, we are SUPPOSED to feel great! We are meant to learn, expand and THRIVE, throughout the journey of our lives. Life is supposed to be juicy and exciting! That is why I’m so excited to be part of this special, one time FREE virtual event! My colleague and happiness emissary, Lela Texeira, has brought together 21 top happiness experts to … [Read more...]

Why do some thrive in business and some don’t?


As women, we are really good at beating up on ourselves when clients and money are not showing up. It feels hard to NOT take it personally. When you're having those challenging times in your business, have you ever thought to yourself stuff like... "I am doing so much, why aren't I getting clients?" "I am good enough?" "Why are others thriving when it feels so hard for me?" "What am I missing?" It feels hard to be in that place. I know you can feel very alone, but here's the thing. You aren't. In fact, every entrepreneur I've ever met has thoughts like that, including me. You deserve a huge acknowledgement for having the vision and the guts to start a business, and what … [Read more...]

Beating the Summer Business Blues

Beating the Summer Business Blues

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you have probably identified times of the month or year when they may be more of a lull for you in business, is that right? If you’re newer to business maybe you haven’t discovered this yet but you will, watch for it and pay attention. Not every business is slower during the summer, for example outdoor yard product or service companies, entertainment venues, tourism type businesses and more are quite busy. However many coaching type businesses or online businesses are usually a little slower during the summer (and the holidays too). People have their kids out of school and might not be by their computer as much as they were during the school … [Read more...]

Les Brown and Motivating Hundreds of Thousands


  This week I had the pleasure of speaking on stage alongside a very powerful motivator and speaker....Mr. Les Brown! It was exciting to not only hear him speak again but to be in a lineup with him this time was utterly amazing. Of course as the busy man that he is we didn't have a whole lot of time to truly connect but he was excited to receive my book, Love Yourself Successful, maybe he'll read it and see what I'm all about? One can only hope that it inspires him or someone he loves and shares it with just as he inspires me. This week was the Unleashed Biz 2013 event here in Sacramento. There were 11 other speakers including me and Les who were phenomenal. While we all made … [Read more...]

Finding Your Self Mastery NOW!


  Guest Author: Rhonda Joy Eagle Many of us have had the wonderful experience of being in the presence of a master, someone who is an expert in his or her field, open and totally willing to share their gifts and insights. We often comment on how open and uplifting just being in their presence can be. It feels as if their very being vibrates with vitality and inspiration. In my experience, this is absolutely the case. This individual, who is so vital, inspired, open and open hearted resonates all of these qualities in their very being, as if their cells are infused with this energy. Yes, they actually are. His energy field is imbued with the vibration of these attributes, so … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Getting Rid of Procrastination Forever


We all have it at times. I'm talking about the dreaded PROCRASTINATION bug. I know a lot of my clients right now seem to be procrastinating something.... Myself included, GO WATCH my new video to find out what! ;-) Procrastinating some of the most crucial marketing or revenue generating tasks in your business for whatever reason can obviously hamper your success so watch out.    Here are the 3 Things I've identified in the video that could be causing you to procrastinate - watch the video though for more explanation of them and what to do about them! Time Management - what are you doing to maximize your time? How are you prioritizing things … [Read more...]

I’m tired of all the hype….let’s get to the meat shall we?


I'm so tired of all the hype out there on the internet about "make millions at this or that or by doing this or that". Every week I talk with a minimum of 5 small business owners who've wasted time or money doing the wrong things because they listened to some free teleclass or someone teaching a supposed moneymaking process. I want to dispel the rumors out there that it's really that simple to make millions...or even $100,000 because it's not. To start, run, market and enjoy a consistently successful 6+ figure business there are two things you want to focus on: Spending your time wisely (and you may have to spend more time up front than "they say") doing the right revenue … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays to YOU + Tips on Holiday Marketing


I'm actually ready for the holidays, are you? Here is a pic of Jason, Riley and I with Santa, we wish you and yours a very happy holiday whichever holiday you celebrate (and even those who don't!). One year a few years ago I remember taking my picture with Zeke, my German Shepherd, with Santa at Petco, it was funny but so cute. I was single then so he was my only love at the time. ;-) I'm glad I finally have an awesome family now to celebrate these times with, it makes it a lot more fun. I hope you have special friends and loved ones that you get to see this month too. Of course, some families only see each other during the holidays which isn't always good. I know my family is so … [Read more...]

How to Turn Your ONE Purpose Into Three for More Effectiveness


I was at the Braveheart Women RISE Event all last week and weekend and let me tell you, if you like spiritual type workshops and environments or conferences where it feels like you're in a big love fest, lots of dancing, essential oils, healers, pampering, vegan food...you should definitely consider attending this event next November. For those of you who've been following me for a while, you can imagine....I was a little outside of my comfort zone there. Not too much, I mean, I'm pretty spiritual and deep with my vision, thoughts, intentions, etc. But still, it wasn't my normal business networking event! I picked up a few things though about myself, my business and my purpose there … [Read more...]

Don’t let others influence you – you know who I’m talking about!


We often have some "Not so supportive" people in our lives who deflate our energy, hold us back or just plain out poo-poo our big ideas. I hope you DON'T HAVE ANY OF THESE TOXIC PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE? But in case you do.... If you want to work less and make more doing what you absolutely love to do - now is the time to do that.   Quit letting the fear, worry and doubt creep into your thoughts or daily life. Quit thinking, saying and writing those negative thoughts that keep your mind on what you don't have instead of what you want. (Like the dreaded "I can't afford it" If you can't afford this workshop and you know you need it, how the heck do you think you're going to … [Read more...]

Are you feeling the pressure to do more in your business?

Road To Business Success

I know! It's crazy how much we need to do these days just to keep a minimum amount of cash flow coming in each month right? Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed? You know, what works for me to get more done is to create and implement all kinds of systems. Regardless of where you are in your business, it's important for you to learn:  How switching your thinking from "WHAT" to "HOW" can prevent things from falling through the cracks so you can watch your bank account fill up. How you can set your team up to automatically "get it" so they accomplish more than you ever thought possible and say things like, "don't worry, it's handled" - and have the surety that it … [Read more...]