Silver Mentor Member Training Class – NEW TIME!

Katrina Sawa's Silver Mentor Program

Silver Mentor Member Training Class - Anyone is Welcome! TOMORROW, August 20th at 3:00pm PT TOPIC: How to Run, Market and Sell from Teleseminars, Webinars and Virtual Group Programs  Going global and more virtual with your training programs, lead generation and services will bring you more cash, customers and global exposure for your business, your brand and your message. Doing teleclasses and webinars for yourself for free or low cost that then lead into virtual programs are a great source for revenue without spending a lot of your time and money. This call will show you how to manage this no matter what type of business you have or what industry you're in. REGISTER … [Read more...]

A Special Update For Subscribers & Friends…

I know that many of you are looking at ways to finally jumpstart your business into high gear. The details are below and on the pages linked below so if you've been on the fence on working with me in some way, it's time to get off and sign up!I don't know anyone who's built a successful, smooth-running, consistent lead-generating, moneymaking machine of a business without getting the training and/or coaching they need for their specific situation. There's a lot to do, set up, build and manage as a small business owner and it be overwhelming. Let me help you to get the training, advice, support and more than you need to truly get your business on the right track for the rest of this … [Read more...]

[Video Biz Tips] Great ideas to maximize Joint Ventures, Referrals & more!


Last week I shared some REALLY JUICY TIPS about maximizing your networking AT conferences such as these and more....did you watch that video? This week I want to share more about how to get more joint venture opportunities, referrals coming in or how to position yourself to be seen as a bigger player so you get asked to do stuff like this...I do JVs all the time with other like-minded entrepreneurs who "get it". You can too if you focus on a few specific things I share about in today's video. This week's video is about targeting in on what you really need to be doing to get more referrals or to do more joint ventures with other complimentary business owners. Go watch it, I promise … [Read more...]

Learn how you can be outrageously happy and live an amazing life now no matter what!


What if you didn’t have to struggle with painful thoughts and emotions? What if you were able to access happiness, peace and experience profound well being anytime, NO MATTER what is going on in around you? Is there a way to live stress free, without worry and attract the love, success and spiritual alignment you desire? It’s completely possible! In fact, we are SUPPOSED to feel great! We are meant to learn, expand and THRIVE, throughout the journey of our lives. Life is supposed to be juicy and exciting! That is why I’m so excited to be part of this special, one time FREE virtual event! My colleague and happiness emissary, Lela Texeira, has brought together 21 top happiness … [Read more...]

Silver Mentor Member Open Q&A Call – TOMORROW!

Silver Mentor Q&A with Katrina Sawa

Do you wish you wish you could talk to a Business & Marketing Coach every month and get some great advice, feedback on what you're doing OR should be doing in order to make more money and get more clients? Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out yourself and get registered for Kat's Silver Mentor Program. This is the call once a month where members can call in and get all their questions answered about their marketing, business, where to focus, how to do something, or strategize on their big picture planning and more! This is one of the ONLY programs at this level where you get monthly ACCESS to your mentor, in this case, ME! Go to now and you'll be talking … [Read more...]

[Video Biz Tips] Great ideas to maximize live event networking & more!


I wanted to share with you some REALLY JUICY TIPS over the next few weeks so you could really utilize the rest of your summer and implement some great strategies in your business. So, stop slackin' and get back to work! Just kidding...we need balance too, hope you're enjoying your summer. I am...just happen to have the two annual conferences I typically go to back to back this year with a camping trip to Yosemite stuck in the middle! I know, busy...but actually when I go out of town for conferences and trips and stuff for speaking or whatever, it's actually a break for me and fun. Since I LOVE WHAT I DO, networking at events is exciting and easy for me! I know this doesn't come … [Read more...]

[Video Tip] Perspective, how we look at things, how others look at us, and more!


This weeks video tip is about Perspective, how we look at things, how others look at us, and more. Take a look and then really think, get outside your own head for a few minutes and really "SEE" how others could be perceiving you or your business/brand. Not only that but depending on "your perspective" the above gmail issue could be good or it could be bad or intrusive right?  CLICK HERE NOW TO WATCH! … [Read more...]

FREE this weekend ONLY!


I have a very special offer for you today that if you need clients now or need help to jumpstart your business YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT IGNORE OR REFUSE....IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!  But only through tomorrow, Sunday at 5 pm PST, that's it.   You see, I know that what I do with clients 1on1 or even what I can do in my small group interactive calls is priceless for them. I'm so confident that I can help any one of you who needs to know what to do in your business to grow it, market it, start it, and more that I want to put my money where my mouth is! That's why for this weekend only I'm letting you into my Silver Mentor Coaching Program FOR FREE for 30 DAYS!! Yes, completely … [Read more...]

[Video Tip] Speaking More + Great Follow Up = More Sales!

I'm in the middle of teaching my Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker Training Program right now and that's one of the things I'm covering is how to get more gigs, especially how to search online for places and opportunities to speak or be featured. This video gives you a little snapshot of a few things you can do now.  And for those of you who don't think you should be speaking or don't realize how big of a deal it will make in your business if you do become a speaker then please go watch some of the other videos I've done about speaking, learn really is the #1 marketing strategy most of my clients are doing these days to find paying clients. … [Read more...]

#SpeakerChat: Six Figure Speaking Business: A simple Model to turn your message into a money making machine

#SpeakerChat with Katrina Sawa

Have you been looking for a simple model to turn your message into a money making machine? I bet the answer is a resounding "Yes!" I will be joining host Melanie Benson-Strick and co-host Tracey Ehman LIVE today at 4:00 pm PT on Twitter for #SpeakerChat, to share here secrets to 6 figure success. Katrina constantly tells entrepreneurs she meets, “The fastest way to build a successful business is to automate, delegate, systematize, build your list and talk to your list regularly in order to be on top of mind at all times.” Use the hashtag #SpeakerChat or log in to … [Read more...]

Team Building for Freedom!

Team Building

Whether you have an assistant or not you will want to be on this call! I will be sharing ways to hire the right assistants, who to hire, how to hire them, how to outsource in general, how to prepare yourself to even begin to start outsourcing, what to outsource and to whom, how much to pay, do you need to contacts, how to manage a team, fire people and SO MUCH MORE! REGISTER YOURSELF NOW!  When: Tomorrow, July 16th, 2012 4:00 PM PST TOPIC: Team Building for Freedom! Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out yourself and get registered for Kat's Silver Mentor Program! Go to now and you'll be talking to Kat *PERSONALLY* this month about your … [Read more...]

How Consistent Are You In Your Biz & Marketing?

katrinasawa-consistency video tip

Video Tip of the's about Consistency. This week's video tip is about how to manage a consistent flow of leads coming into your business, doing consistent marketing, consistency in your follow up .... all of which lead to more consistent follow up. So how do you become more consistent?   Watch and learn, come talk with me about it if you want too in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here: … [Read more...]

What a rush for new Live Big Mastermind members! Yay!

What a rush for new Live Big Mastermind members! Yay! Two new members just joined this week. That reminds me to remind YOU that if you're looking for a mastermind group for yourself (annual mentoring group and program) then you really want to consider mine.  There is NO other program out there that will get you where you need to go, teach you what you need to know and make you implement as much as I will regardless of how much you whine. Period. You get your biggest bang for your buck with my groups because I make myself accessible where other coaches barely give you any time with them one-on-one. Trust me, you want to consider it, read more and watch the video here. Of course … [Read more...]

Last Minute Reminder For Subscribers & Friends…


Hi there, its Katrina here with a quick reminder and your "homework".  What you say? Yes, I said your homework!  Most of you are not speaking enough if you are already speaking and you're certainly not following up well from your speaking gigs or I'd be hearing a lot more from you and that all means you're missing out on THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE MONTH by not doing more speaking (online and offline) or by monetizing and maximizlng each and every opportunity in many different ways. Go watch the NEW VIDEO I added to this page just last  week....regardless of what level of speaker you are or what you've done or what business you're in. You'll get some clarity around how … [Read more...]

Why do some thrive in business and some don’t?


As women, we are really good at beating up on ourselves when clients and money are not showing up. It feels hard to NOT take it personally. When you're having those challenging times in your business, have you ever thought to yourself stuff like... "I am doing so much, why aren't I getting clients?" "I am good enough?" "Why are others thriving when it feels so hard for me?" "What am I missing?" It feels hard to be in that place. I know you can feel very alone, but here's the thing. You aren't. In fact, every entrepreneur I've ever met has thoughts like that, including me. You deserve a huge acknowledgement for having the vision and the guts to start a business, and what … [Read more...]

Learning When and How to Start and Run a Group Program in Your Business – Video Part 2 on Membership Models


What's Up With Kat? What a nice Father's Day weekend we had. Although Jason and I didn't have Riley this weekend, I still spoiled him with a date night, concert in the park and more. What did you do with your special "dad"? I'm prepping for a new program I'm launching the end of this month....some of my clients have been waiting for me to do this....I can't tell you just yet what it is but make sure you're opening the emails!! Speaking of emails...did you register yet for the free teleclass I'm having this week on speaking and next week with my friend Sonia Miller? If not, scroll down and sign up so you don't miss out. They will both be recorded if you can't make them live. I … [Read more...]

Jumpstart Your Biz Workshop Series – Online Marketing Focus – Happens tomorrow June 1st!

The second workshop of this series is happening tomorrow June 1st and it's all about ONLINE MARKETING, WEBSITES, SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOGGING, VIDEO MARKETING & Anything Electronic or Techy in Your Biz. I have 10 seats open if you want to register and get this stuff "handled" or in place in your business.  Topics Discussed: web design and development, technology needs training, copywriting for websites and marketing materials, social media and online marketing to direct traffic to your site, converting and opting in more subscribers to your site, systems for marketing and sales within your site or backend, blogging, video marketing and more (this will be good even if you don't have … [Read more...]

Update About Les Brown & Me, Your Authentic YOU Video Tips + Where to Focus For Better Results


It was so fun being on the same stage (technically) with the great Les Brown this week! Technically I stood on the stage when I spoke but he stood in 'front of' it. LOL His mannerisms and the style in which he speaks is so like what I like to do. He's totally transparent and authentic. In fact, it was hilarious, but he even pulled some waterproof mascara out of this pocket during his talk, and groomed his head and beard with it saying that's how he gets rid of the "grey"! Only he would do that I think but it just proves that you do have to be yourself and that's when people will LOVE you the most. Read more about this on my blog and see more pics too! I got a chance to talk with a … [Read more...]