Video Biz Tip – Secrets to Becoming an Author

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You CAN become an author and as a business owner, you should! It will give you extra credibility, exposure and cash flow!! But, you should know that one of the biggest myths is that you will make money from a book. I say "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha to that!!" Really, most authors (unless they get published by a big time publisher and go New York Times Best Seller) won’t make money from just selling a $20 book. That’s NOT where the money is. The money is in the backend of what else are you going to sell them once they’re “in your funnel” so to speak? What else are you selling? You want to build a business around your book, add in additional products, programs and services that … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Being an Author!

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Are you an author now? Want to become an author?  Do you have a story, message or content inside of you that you want to get out? You want to make an impact with for others? Well this is a trick title really because frankly I don’t believe there are any cons to being an author, only pros. Let me share a few with you in case you don’t realize how cool it can be to be an author and also how much more money you can make in your business by being an author as well! And as a quick note before I do that, I’m talking about a print author, not an ebook author, there is a big difference although you do not have to be published by a big name publishing house these days, you can self-publish … [Read more...]

Why Isn’t Your eBook Selling?


So many coaches out there preach that you need to have products in the back of the room to sell for residual income. And I agree with them BUT only when you’re ready or they really won’t sell! If you’re relying on the online products you’re developing to be your BIG breakthrough with revenue I’m sorry to break it to you but you might be sorely disappointed. Especially if you’re just starting out in your business. You see, it used to be, when eBooks and home study courses and such werenew to the marketplace, they used to sell like hotcakes. Some entrepreneurs made millions on their expertise in their products! Those entrepreneurs are still preaching how easy it is to make … [Read more...]

One Day Writer’s Workshop in the Bay Area September 20


Hi, I wanted you to know about one of my Live Big Mastermind clients' workshop that she's holding on Sept 20th in Alameda, Ca. She is an author, book coach and publisher for other authors who want to write a book, get their stories out, develop business-building tools and so much more. A book can do all of this. I know because I'm a published author too of my own book, Love Yourself Successful, but I also am a featured author in three compilation books with multiple authors. Compilation books were great ways to get published without having to write a whole book. But sometimes I know, and so does Candace, which is why she's holding this workshop is that we just can't even begin to … [Read more...]

Check Out Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience!


Are You Ready to Become an Author or Write a Book? Christine Kloser's Transformational Author Experience is May 19-30th Ever wonder how YOUR idea can become the next great transformational book? Stop wondering… and learn from those who’ve done it! Best-selling authors, marketing experts, transformational leaders and publishing industry experts will lift the veil on exactly what it takes to write, publish and market your book and “make it” as a transformational author! Experts include: Danielle LaPorte – A “Fire Starter” Session for Creatives Lisa Nichols – Discover the Power of Your Authentic Voice Reid Tracy - How to Become a Hay House Author Wendy Keller – Building Your … [Read more...]

Want to change a kid’s life for the better?

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Kids today are exposed to more issues than we could have ever imagined growing up. Look no further than the headlines and you will have your proof.  One reoccurring theme that shows up is the negative effects of low self-esteem in children and the serious consequences of them. Most of our kids are not even aware of their self-esteem, and without the essential tool of awareness, they are destined to relive old belief patterns and repeat negative behaviors over and over again. Now that just STINKS! What if through the use of simple, fun, exciting and entertaining exercises you could help improve kid’s self-esteem almost instantly?  What if you were given the tools and techniques that … [Read more...]

Increase your success with Business Numerology


Do you know your soul’s plan for your ideal business or work?  Have you tried all the marketing strategies and nothing seems to quite take you to your goals?  Then discover what Business Numerology can reveal to you to increase your success! If you are an entrepreneur with an important message, you must become aligned with the essence of your individual soul’s path and that of your business for you to achieve maximum success.  The biggest keys to realizing your dreams come from the inside out – and have been there since the beginning…but you need the tools to discover them! My colleague Marcia Bench, the world’s #1 Certified Business Numerologist and a 27-year serial entrepreneur, has … [Read more...]

How to Grow Your Business as a Published Author… and Impact More Lives With Your Message


  I have a fun announcement for you today - my friend Christine Kloser is doing another Transformational Author program and is having a free call! Have you dreamed of writing a book or becoming a successful published author?  Do you have a valuable message that – if put in print – will help grow your business and transform more lives?  If you answered yes, but don’t have your book written yet… keep reading! There has never been a better time to write your book and become an author.  The opportunities available for authors in the 21st Century are endless.  Yet, the majority of entrepreneurs who say they want to write a book don’t actually do it.  Why?  Based on more than 900 … [Read more...]

February’s LOVE Check Up….what does this mean?


Hi there, Katrina here with your February LOVE Check Up! What does that mean do you say??? Well, what I've found after years of working closely with thousands of women and many men too (about their businesses) is that about 60-70% of people are really NOT satisfied and COMPLETELY HAPPY with their significant other relationship or their love life in general. And this definitely affects how much success you see in your business, trust me, if you don't do something about it. Now....if you're getting this email and you ARE COMPLETELY HAPPY (NO LIE) then this may not be for you today still aren't where you want to be in your business, then it may still be.... For … [Read more...]

FREE teleclass: “Love Yourself Successful – The Missing Link to Complete Happiness in Life and Success in Your Business”

Do you feel like you’re stuck in your business and you’re not sure why? Wonder why you aren’t making the kind of revenue you thought you would make? Not sure how to get new clients or more referrals regularly and consistently? Regardless of what type of financial situation you’re in, many entrepreneurs struggle because of lack of love in their life….love and support for or by a significant other, love and confidence in yourself or love for life or your business in general. Lack of love in any capacity can surely hold you back from making huge monetary gains in your business whether you realize it or not. And this can send your business into a tailspin with little warning! All the … [Read more...]

Tips to write your own book + more about Kat’s book launch and party


Thanks so much for those of you who have been enjoying the book, emailing in your comments, posting reviews for it on Amazon and sending your friends and family to my book website. It takes a lot to birth a book. In fact, if you've been thinking about writing a book of your own, I have a few tips for you: Start with the end in mind, how will you market it, what's the bigger goal for your book and how will it impact your business? Build a really strong outline first so writing the guts of the book comes a lot easier Start building an interest list of followers ASAP so you have people to sell the book to once its done (or close to it) Getaway, out of your home or office to write … [Read more...]

I’m finally ready to share this publically…


Yay! I know I've been talking about my book, Love Yourself Successful, for a while now and some of you may be sick of it already. Sorry but its a big deal to write your own book. And its an even bigger deal when its finally printed and you can really launch it the way its meant to be launched! So, from now through the end of 2012 the book launch is ON! It is NOT a one-day Amazon launch where you have to go buy today. BUT the sooner you DO BUY THE BOOK, the sooner you get INSTANT ACCESS TO $1000'S IN BONUSES! I'm adding bonuses every day, in fact when you buy the book today, you'll get email updates when new bonuses are added all the way through Dec 31, 2012, its that simple. And … [Read more...]

Are Your Prospects Not Buying Because They’re Confused With What You Offer?


This week I met with a publicity expert friend of mine to do some brainstorming on how to get the word out more about my book.... the thing with publicity is you do your best and cross your fingers someone cares. Love it! ;-) Then I helped her outline her business models more so she had more clarity around what she offered, who would care and how to package and sell what she wants to do. This is a big issue for many small businesses - you think you've explained or shown it well on your website what exactly you do but people still aren't sure or still aren't buying... Watch this week's video on how to maybe tweak what you're doing to not only are YOU more clear on what you do and how … [Read more...]

Looking to Jumpstart your business, grow your mindset and get clarity around what you are doing in your business and in your marketing?


VIRTUAL TRAININGS: Looking to Jumpstart your business, grow your mindset and get clarity around what you are doing in your business and in your marketing? Prefer to learn virtually over the phone and email? This can be a very affordable option to getting the advice and coaching YOU need for YOUR business to take it to the next level. Date: TUESDAY, April 24TH @ 5:00 PM (PST) Topic: How to Teach Live Calls & Programs to Boost Your Business Find out why you want to embrace the new marketing strategies such as doing video marketing, mobile marketing, live streaming video shows, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts, radio shows, etc. There are always ways to incorporate some of … [Read more...]

Love Yourself Successful Book by Katrina Sawa


My book, Love Yourself Successful, will definitely be out in August. I've been in cover-design hell so far, as many of you know. I had to hire another designer to see if we could really nail the cover since that's one of the most important parts of the book. If you are interested in finding out more about the book as soon as it's launched, I've set up an interest page so you can enter your name and email, and I will tell you about the book. Of course, I'll be talking about it in the newsletter, but the people who really want to know more about the book will get special offers and information if you get on that interest list. The website to go to is … [Read more...]

Do you dream of becoming an author?


Books are something that are becoming very lucrative to have as an entrepreneur, it really gives you a leg up against your competition regardless of what your business is AND it helps you get more speaking gigs, publicity and in front of more of your ideal prospects. Do you dream of becoming an author, but become overwhelmed and frustrated with the steps involved? Do you have a fairly large knowledge base, but not sure how to pick a “hot topic” & expand/narrow the subject? Are you confused on how to organize your thoughts in a book format? Do you get through writing your book, but not sure where to go to get it published? I am hosting another FREE JumpStart Your … [Read more...]

Write & Publish Your Book Like The Pros

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Did you know that becoming an author and having your own book has become a proven way to attract speaking engagements, generate residual income and provide a starting point for additional products. Do you dream of becoming an author, but become overwhelmed and frustrated with the steps involved? Do you have a fairly large knowledge base, but not sure how to pick a “hot topic” & expand/narrow the subject? Are you confused on how to organize your thoughts in a book format? Do you get through writing your book, but not sure where to go to get it published? I am hosting another FREE JumpStart Your Marketing teleclass on July 6, 2011 at 3:00 PM (pst) 6:00 PM (est) called … [Read more...]

You Still Have Time to Get This Incredible Program for Aspiring Authors


Have you heard yet? There’s a massive transformational event happening right         now that is helping thousands of aspiring authors transform the world… through the power of the written word! If you have you ever wanted to write, publish and market a life-changing book, you’ve got to see what my friend, Christine Kloser is up to!   Thousands of people are already being impacted by this program (it started on May 23), but you still have time to join and listen to the remaining classes LIVE… or get a super deal on the recordings and transcripts so you don’t miss a thing! Her program is called the Transformational Author Experience and you can sign up now absolutely FR*EE! Check out … [Read more...]