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What do you get when you combine Chris Makell, Linda Allred, Rebecca Hall Gruyter and me, Katrina Sawa? You get The Women's Business Empowerment Collective, a collaboration of experienced business owners and mentors sharing their knowledge and skills with you. We want to support you in growing your business! Visit www.10KGiveaway2014.com now  and enter the $10K Prize Giveaway for your chance to win $10K+ in business-building prizes! Plus automatically receive hundreds of dollars in business building gifts instantly, just for entering! If you’re ready to get your hands on this “VAULT” of over $10,000 worth of proven business “staples” for FREE, then sign up in the box … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Getting Started Doing Videos in Your Business – Part 1 of 3


What are you waiting for? Seriously! I want to help you get started (or refine and monetize the use of) using videos in your business and marketing... Please don't pass by this article if you haven't started doing video yet in your business - for marketing, your website, tips, engaging clients and more. This seriously is something you don't want to ignore anymore. And if you're already doing videos in your business, you may catch a few tips here that can enhance your videos, capture you more viewers and convert more paying customers! In my business and marketing coaching business you can imagine that I hear a lot of excuses as to why someone isn't or doesn't want to do video yet in … [Read more...]

7 Updated Online Marketing & Social Media Trends

Rough Pic of 2014 Conference Screen Shot

It's time to evolve your marketing plan and strategy, especially if you haven't updated it in a while or if you have no real strategy at all. Being an entrepreneur in this day and age there is NO getting around being online, being visible, credible, knowledgable and informative. Let's face it, if you're not already embracing most social media platforms for whatever reason, it's time to start paying attention and get interactive online. But it's more than just "being" on social media, there is a lot more to pay attention to and this can help. I recently returned from a pretty big social media and digital marketing conference and there were a few key things that I gleaned from this … [Read more...]

Video Tips to Get More Virtual Speaking Opportunities and More!


On today's video I share about virtual speaking opportunities - how to get them, find them, why to do them, where to look for them and more. You want to be doing a LOT of consistent lead generation strategies in your business, not just this one but speaking is the #1 strategy that works the fastest. Watch the video here now: Want to find out more about speaking in your business in general? Go listen in to a teleclass that I did with my friend Rebecca Hall Gruyter this week at http://www.KatrinaSawa.com/katandrebecca. The replay is still available through this weekend for sure. You can also register for my next Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit Nov 12-15, 2014 where … [Read more...]

Video On Are You Sure You’re Not Settling?


On today's video I share about a very important topic that IS related to business but you may not realize it...it's about settling. I see way too many people doing this and was compelled to talk about it today. Watch the video here now: I talk about my Love Yourself Successful Teleseries on this video along with my book as a bonus...if you're interested in getting all of that, click here. I'd love to hear your feedback and take aways from the video! Katrina Sawa The JumpStart Your Biz Coach 916-872-4000 katrina@jumpstartyourmarketing.com “Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!” P.S.  Get your FREE Entrepreneur’s Success Kit plus a few … [Read more...]

Are you lacking in YOUR follow up?


Have you got stacks of these around YOUR office? Massive networking and consistent, relationship marketing follow up are the two main things that I did from day one, 12 years ago, (and still do!) to build a very successful and profitable business. If you are attending networking events at least a couple times a month or more and/or speaking or being an exhibitor at live events then I would venture to guess that you are NOT doing enough follow up. NO ONE DOES! You are most likely missing out on thousands of dollars every single month due to your lack of follow up (and following up in many different ways too, not just one or two). I find (and so do many of my clients who are using my … [Read more...]

Free Teleclass: 5 Steps to Monetizing Your Speaking & Getting More Quality Opportunities


It’s time. Time to uncover your true greatness. Time to start sharing your gifts with the world, and time to embrace & bring your authentic self more forward in your life! Whew! That’s a lot to consider, isn’t it? Overwhelming even. And perhaps you are thinking “Sure Kat, I’d love to share my gifts with the world, but I don’t know what they are!” Or “I’d love to find my authentic self, but I’m not even sure who that is!” That’s where Rebecca Hall Gruyter and I come in. On April 16 we will be hosting a FREE teleclass where we will empower you with the tools to: Find out what to look at in your business or your life that could help bring more of your … [Read more...]

Are You Maximizing the 3 Types of Marketing for Success in Your Business?


So where do you start?  What do you do to market and grow your business? There are so many options right? It’s possible even, that you’re somewhat overwhelmed right now just thinking about it. Well, I like to start with 'free first, then pay' options...how does that sound to you? The reason being is that typically these days people need to experience you somehow or in a couple different ways before they will sign up, buy or pay for anything you have to offer. It’s not always the case but usually. That’s why we give free gifts on our websites, do free talks and teleseminars and why we write articles on our blogs and more. I usually recommend focusing your marketing in 3 … [Read more...]

Video on My #1 Key Strategy for Generating Leads from Social Media


My video tip today talks more about the key strategy I teach around generating leads from social media. I love this strategy and it gets me and my clients good results, new people to talk with every week!   Watch the video now to learn more! You want to be doing a LOT of consistent lead generation strategies in your business, not just this one. Want to find out what else? Register for my next Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit April 3, 4, 5, 2014 orcome talk with me in a complimentary business strategy session where we can find out where YOU need to be focusing your time and marketing efforts this year! - Click here to sign up for a strategy session now....I'm booking … [Read more...]

Free Webinar: Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales System


Join me on March 18, 2014 for a NEW Free Webinar: on my NEW Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales System! Regardless of what type of business you have or when you started it, you’re just probably not doing enough marketing or sales. If you’re trying way too hard to make the amount of money that you thought you should be making by now then this webinar is for you. If you’re just starting your business – THIS WEBINAR WILL SAVE YOU MONTHS, IF NOT YEARS OF TIME, & THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INVESTED IN THE WRONG PLACES. You just have to trust me on that, you see, I’ve been there. I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on my business including workshops, programs, … [Read more...]

Video on Speaking Tips


This week's video ezine talks about one of my other favorite marketing and exposure strategies - Live events and speaking. It's the third video in a series on Attracting Clients and Making Money that I started on February 27, 2014. Watch my YouTube channel or emails to make sure you don't miss out on one of these content-rich training videos! ) You want to be doing a LOT of consistent lead generation strategies in your business, not just this one. Want to find out what else? Register for my next Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit April 3, 4, 5, 2014 where we'll be working on this and so much more to jumpstart your business next year! Click here to watch today's … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Creating and Promoting Teleseminars – Part 1


Creating and promoting your own teleseminars or webinars every month in your small business could be the #1 lead generating strategy that works for you this year. I recommend you consider adding this. This can be a very quick way to get introduced to thousands of people and prospects in your target market. It’s relatively easy to create a teleseminar or webinar and get it out there to the masses. Here’s a quick system for doing this every single month consistently to be seen, heard and known more in your business. STEP 1:  Develop the idea for what you’ll speak or present on:  What does your ideal target market want to learn more about that you can present on? Choose something … [Read more...]

Grow Your Influence To Make a Difference with your Message


Influence is one of those words that I never thought about too much until just last year in fact. One of my speaker peers and friends mentioned it a couple times during her talk at a conference we both spoke at. When I stopped to think about it, and what having influence truly meant, I was excited to discover that I’d been doing many of the right things to BUILD INFLUENCE all throughout my 11+ year journey as an entrepreneur. Here are a few thoughts about what I see can help us all Grow Our Influence in order to Make a Difference With Our Messages. Definition of INFLUENCE: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect … [Read more...]

Video on Attracting More Ideal Clients and Make a Boatload More Money


Check out my new video training - it's part of a series I'm doing all about ways to attract more ideal clients make a boatload more money doing it. Step One: Get in Front of more people, more often and in more ways - check out the video for more details.   Click here to watch today's video. This is exactly what I do with my weekly videos and how easy it can be for you to do something similar too! This week's video ezine talks about one of my favorite marketing and exposure strategies - Video Marketing. It's the second video in a series on Attracting Clients and Making Money that I started on April 26, 2014. Watch my YouTube channel or get on my email newsletter to make … [Read more...]