Video Biz Tip – Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses

lead generation

Today I want to talk to you about a topic that’s very important to your business – Lead Generation! Lead generation includes online and offline lead generation. Do you think about the number of leads you need every month? That a big mistake I see others making – they just aren’t connecting with enough new prospects, new leads every month. They are relying on their current list of people to take action and buy from. Many business owners are not effective in their lead generation, follow-up and sales. And, they are not making enough money. So you have to start thinking about lead generation and learn to be persistent with your efforts. Check out the video below for more detail about … [Read more...]

Embrace Networking to Grow Your Business Now


Networking is probably the single most critical thing that I’ve ever learned to do well that has impacted my business the most with more clients, more opportunities, more exposure and more fun. The more people you know, the more referrals and repeat business you will get. The number of people you have in your database is the number of people you have access to market to on a regular basis so your #1 goal in your business should be to build your database and set up a consistent, frequent system for marketing and following up with them. If this isn't your #1 goal, you're missing out on a ton of sales. If you're not networking (online and in person in some way), you're missing out on a ton … [Read more...]

What’s Kat Up To in March – EVENTS!!!


  Hey guys!! March is going to be a very busy month for me so I wanted to share some amazing events where I’ll be presenting a variety of ways to help you with your marketing, make more money and grow your business. You’ll find me at the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network meeting this Thursday, March 9th from 5:45 - 8 pm in Rancho Cordova. Attendees can network with other speakers, coaches, and biz owners. Take advantage of FREE speaker training – our topic on Thursday is "Design Your Talk to Sell or Not to Sell." You can also sign up to speak at one of our upcoming meetings. Click this link to get more details and register online.   I’m looking forwarding to meeting business … [Read more...]

10 MORE Fun Facts About Me, Katrina Sawa

fun facts

I did this a few months ago, I shared 10 Fun Facts about myself….you can go find them on my blog…. But here are 10 MORE! 10 Fun Facts: I was born in Phoenix Arizona but my family didn’t live around that area too long. I only remember we had a pool in our house in Scottsdale. I love hearts in case you can’t tell – they are in my logos, signage, home office, book, website and I try to wear a heart pendant of some kind when I go out; I have all sizes and colors. I now have to wear glasses to read the computer (boo hoo) and most print under 14 point font. I met my current and fabulous husband Jason on eHarmony and when in that process I developed a SYSTEM for finding your man, it’s … [Read more...]

Creative Business Summit – Have Fun Working ON Your Business

Dream. Design. Profit.

Are you struggling with your 2017 business goals? Is time passing so fast and you find it challenging to focus on your DREAMS?  If I’m talking to you, I want to invite you to join me at the Creative Business Summit: Dream. Design. Profit. It’s a LIVE event that’s being hosted by my good friend, Dr. Minette Riordan, in Los Angeles, March 24th - Mar 26th. As most of you have heard me say many times, you have to take the time to work ON your business instead spending all of your time IN your business! Are you finding it difficult to do that? Here’s a tip - I find that attending live workshops is one the best ways to gift myself the time I need to work on my business. Why? Because I’m away … [Read more...]

Have you heard of the EBC?


The EBC is short for Evolutionary Business Council and let me tell you….it’s an intimate group of high level, big thinking, global change agents. And I’m a member! I absolutely love this organization and I’m so grateful that I found it. The members and people it attracts are doing such great things for the world and making a huge impact. I literally feel connected to each and every person that I’ve met so far through this organization, whether it be a casual connection on social media or in person. I just recently returned from the annual retreat and corresponding live event, the Global Influence Summit. I’ve not been to an event where every single person in the room, new or seasoned, … [Read more...]

“My New Story” Summit for Women Event

my new story summit

Are you ready to renew your passion, define your purpose, and embrace prosperity? "My New Story" Summit for Women has gathered speakers who will inspire, encourage, and support women in their second half of life. Attending this thought-provoking, personal growth VIRTUAL event will inspire you and help you transform your spirit. And it starts today! This event includes 5 sessions over 5 days. Each speaker will address one of these categories: Session 1: Self-Awareness Session 2: Self-Actualization Session 3: Health and Balance Session 4: Lifestyle Choices Session 5: Living my New Story I’m thrilled to be one of the speakers who will coach you in the Self-Awareness segment. The … [Read more...]

One Day Business Training in Texas – Sign Up now!

fast cash & get branding intensive

Entrepreneurs in the Richardson, Texas area:  Join us for a day of intensive training on business marketing, branding, interactive mastermind and MORE!! Are you an entrepreneur who is frustrated trying to figure out how to finally get your business into more of a consistent moneymaking business? Does your revenue and income fluctuate each month causing you stress? Are your marketing materials working for you or against you? Is it hard for people to recall what you do or understand what you do from looking at them in the first place? Alicia White, Branding Strategist, Best Selling Author & Speaker and I are hosting a One Day Event that's just for you, If you are a entrepreneur … [Read more...]

Being Comfortable – good or bad?

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.33.51 AM

I’m excited to talk to you today about Being Comfortable. Are you? Are you comfortable? I'm taking about in life, business, your relationships, your career, with your rates, programs, self??? It's an interesting thing to think about it. I had an epiphany today that: I WAS COMFORTABLE BEING FRUMPY. (2nd video - FB live - click image) What's up with that? And what I thought was, I have HUGE revenue goals this year and I can't be comfortable being frumpy and go for that's just NOT in alignment! I need to be confident (and I am) and in my power to hit those revenue goals! And in my starter marriage 12 years ago, I was too comfortable with my two income household to … [Read more...]

Fast Cash & Mindset One Day Intensive – Reno, NV

fast cash & mindset one day intensive

Are you an Entrepreneur in the Reno, Nevada area who needs a Mindset Shift and a Consistent Lead Generating System to Bring in Fast Cash to your Business? Join me and Crystal Reilley in Reno, Nevada on February 18th as we show you how to focus on KEY Marketing and Sales Strategies, the things you SHOULD be spending your time on as well as activities you don't need to spend your valuable time doing. During this Event, you'll get a proven Action Plan with easy to follow steps and Scripts on what to say & how to say it on phone calls, in your social media, and MORE! This is the event for you if are an entrepreneur or business owner who: Knows it's time to share your gifts with … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip: 11 Steps to Effective Sales Conversations

sales conversations

I’m excited to talk to you today about Sales Conversations. I know, you don’t want to be a salesperson, you don’t want to be "salesy". But you must have sales conversations in your business – there’s no way around it. Good Luck finding a salesperson who cares as much about your business as you do! Bottom Line – you need to hone your sales skills, no matter what industry or business you are in. I’ve had years of training and experience in Sales and Marketing – that’s why I can deliver this type of coaching to my clients quickly and effectively. If you are not persistent in delivering information and consistent in asking questions of your prospective clients; if you are not having the … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip: Dispelling the Myth: “No One Will Pay That”

dispel the myth no one will pay for that

I hear this frequently from some of my clients when I suggest they raise their rates or develop high end programs… "No One Will Pay That". And today I want to Dispel the Myth. What's the deal with you not charging more for your services and products? Why don't you have a HIGH TICKET program or offering? Is it possible this objection is all in your head? I think it might be. So stop making excuses and start doing the right things to create more sales and revenue. I believe there are several things you can do to find the clients who WILL pay a higher price for your products and services. Perhaps you just need to get outside of your comfort zone. If so, stop that negative … [Read more...]

Early Bird won’t last too much longer….Business Conference


Have you thought.... "It's time I get some help with this business. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I'm not sure how to consistently get clients and cash flow coming in the door?"   Well, then you really want to make every effort to change your plans and get to my next live training happening on March 31, April 1 & 2, 2017 in Sacramento, CA. It's soooo worth the investment that you'll be making to get here with tickets, travel and time; I promise! Let me tell you… you CAN have a very successful business and make as much money as you want but there are two reasons why you may not have gotten there yet: More than likely you've never really learned how to start, run or … [Read more...]

Public Speaker Association – “It’s a Fabulous World” Virtual Summit

public speaker association

Speakers and Aspiring Speakers: Want to know a GREAT WAY to get your message heard? I’m happy to tell you about the Public Speaker Association. Being a part of this organization can help you spread the word about your business so that you can get out there and change people’s lives while you have the best year ever for 2017!  It is a fabulous way to market yourself by using other people’s connections. As one of the Featured Speakers of the PSA and a former National Collaborator Award winner, I can assure you that I’ve benefited greatly by being involved with the PSA. My association with this group has helped me expand my business in ways I never dreamed possible! For example, I’m … [Read more...]

The Global Cutting Edge Coaching Event – Maximize Income, Optimize Results

global cutting edge coaching event

I’ve recently been asked to participate in the “The Global Cutting Edge Coaching Event – Maximizing Your Income While Optimizing Your Client’s Results”. It's a FREE virtual event that has brought change agents and problem solvers together from around the world at the request of my friend, Dr. Simone Ravicz, a certified business and life coach and a brain coach. Are you a coach, consultant or other change agent who is spread thin and feeling exhausted because you are doing so many things in your business? Then this is THE EVENT for YOU! Let me ask you this… Are you less than thrilled with the amount of income you’re able to make or the number of clients you have?  Do you honestly … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip: Tips for Plotting Out Your Marketing Calendar

tips for plotting out your marketing calendar

This month is THE time for you to be working on your Plan – a great plan of Action for the coming year. So today, I’m sharing tips about a great process you can follow to plot out your marketing calendar for 2017. I’ve been talking about the NEED number a lot lately and I’m working on the Marketing Planning Process with several of my 1on1 and VIP clients right now.  I hope you are working on your plan as well! There are so many ways to plot out your Plan of Action for your year such as a Mind Map, a Vision Board, your Google Calendar or even sticky notes. But, you can’t create an effective PLAN without knowing how much money you need to make in your business!  If you haven't already … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Mastery Summit – Get Secrets from 16 Experts

entrepreneur mastery summit

Are you an entrepreneur who is wondering why some people can make money effortlessly while you are struggling?   I get it. I’ve been there many years ago. I know how it is to try to learn all the things you need to know while building a profitable business. I know how Fear, Lack of Confidence, and Overwhelm can be an obstacle for many on their journey as an entrepreneur. That why I’m sharing info with you today about an Awesome FREE Gift that designed especially for you! Whether you have just started your business or want to bring your business to the next level, this GIFT will be a game-changer. My colleague, Bonnie Groessl, who is a holistic entrepreneur, has created the … [Read more...]

JumpStart Your Business in a Weekend

jumpstart your biz in a weekend

Are you curious to know what you need to do to JumpStart Your Business...?   ...and Have Your Best Year Ever!   The two most critical activities that all entrepreneurs or small business owners need to learn how to do well are: Marketing & Sales. And so many business owners get frustrated and burned out because they don’t know what to do to get clarity in what they need to be doing in their business and in their marketing. They don’t know how to make the cash register ring. So my question is: Are you starting up a new business? That’s great! This will be an exciting time for you. What do you have in place, RIGHT NOW, to market yourself and your products effectively … [Read more...]