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  Do you want to attract more clients and make more money before the end of 2015? If so, you want to make sure that you are planning on attending my Jumpstart Your Marketing(R) & Sales Summit November 19-21! It's 3 whole days of working ON your business (I know, what a concept right?) and really getting the down and dirty details of: WHAT you need to do to get a Jumpstart Now, WHY certain business models and marketing strategies WILL WORK FOR YOU but you're not even considering them or you're unsure of HOW to do them, Learn the HOW of a ton of things you need to do as a busy business owner - with your website, online marketing, social media, speaking, networking, … [Read more...]

Want to Make Money From Speaking?

Are you watching me and wondering how to get a ton of speaking events and gigs like me for yourself (online or virtually)? It's not that difficult if you're prepared and know what you're doing. Are you ready to generate more money in your business than you’ve ever dreamed imaginable? If so….then you’d better get speaking! My name is Katrina Sawa and I’m known as The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach for a reason….I literally kick my clients and their businesses into high gear because I can see the holes and opportunities a business owner or entrepreneur has right in front of your face when you don’t see it. Speaking is one of those HUGE OPPORTUNITIES! If you are NOT already speaking in … [Read more...]

Tips on Doing Video Tips for Marketing

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Want to know how to do weekly video tips for your own business like me? It's pretty easy actually, listen in to hear how I do it, my tricks and tips and more! Now, make sure you're receiving my emails and my video tips so you can get some other ideas for YOUR videos....sign up on the top of the page or go get your FREE Entrepreneur's Success Kit at www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com/freegifts or FREE Love Yourself Successful Audio at www.LoveYourselfSuccessful.com/freegifts. Ready to jumpstart your business in a BIG WAY? You probably need to be doing a LOT more marketing and sales - online and offline. I recommend you check out what I do at my 3 day live training twice a year. The next … [Read more...]

Upcoming Events, Deadlines Approaching, Don’t Miss Out!

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Where is Katrina Sawa going to be? What upcoming events, interviews and business seminars is she attending, speaking at or hosting herself that you can attend? Find out below with the list on this page.     1)  Love & Money Guest Expert Call - What's Your Story Worth with Guest Expert Tami Belt this Thursday August 247th from 3pm to 4pm PST This Thursday we have Guest Expert Tami Belt! This Call is for Members Only! Join Today to gain access! In this presentation you’ll learn that there’s so much more to content than generating stories. Translating your mission, vision and goals into a strategic communication plan will give you a clear path with actionable steps to … [Read more...]

PSA “Change Your World” Virtual Summit

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Join me, as well as other amazing speakers This Wednesday, August 26th from 3pm to 4pm on a PSA "Change Your World!" Virtual Summit call and listen to one or ALL of us share our expertise in children, families, and relationship. Yes, we are going to get personal! From intimacy to struggle, I will walk you through my many secrets in truly creating your happiest life ever doing exactly what you love. If you find yourself with self doubts, unsupportive people around you, dreams without action plans or you’re struggling to make enough money in your business and getting burned out quick then this presentation is for you. You want to figure out where you could be settling and “stop it”. Come … [Read more...]

Featured Product: Social Media 101

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Many entrepreneurs waste too much of their valuable time doing the wrong things on Social Media.  No matter what business or industry you’re in, you need to learn HOW to spend your time effectively when you are marketing using social media.  You need to do the right things that will allow you to get paying customers, right? Does this sound like you?  You have taken some classes or trainings on how to manage your social media, but you’re still not doing things well enough to see RESULTS!  Many entrepreneurs share this frustration – you are not alone. Join award-winning, ‘kick you in the butt’ business coach Katrina Sawa for a special tele-training called Social Media 101.  Katrina … [Read more...]

Is Your Business Truly Leveraged?


Have you ever had to help a sick loved one or had to take time off yourself due to illness, surgery, etc.? What happens to your income during that time? Do you still have consistent money coming in? If NOT, then you want to pay attention to this video. There are so many things that entrepreneurs DO NOT get in place in their businesses so that if something ever did happen (the What If, I call it), you are unprepared and financially then become a little strapped. Plus you're stressed big time and that isn't good for your health or your family right? Click image to watch video now! Isn't it time to FINALLY get your business in a place to where you could actually take a vacation … [Read more...]

Big Announcement and Special Offer!

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Big Announcement for me that affects YOU! Are you trying to get more clients and make more money in your small business but nothing really seems to be working in the marketing? Listen in to my BIG Announcement and find out how to truly and finally learn how to jumpstart your sales by jumpstarting your marketing!     I made a HUGE FREE SPECIAL OFFER that's ONLY VALID THROUGH FRIDAY, AUGUST 21ST!  go to www.LiveBigEvents.com/freescholarship for info! Plus in the quick business tip I share at the end of the video, learn what the TOP 2 MUST HAVES are that I take with me to ANY live event, conference or seminar to get leads and paying clients!! (It's a very … [Read more...]

Guest Speaker at Reno Tapestry, Register Now!

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In just about a week I will be a Guest Speaker at A Christian Business Women’s Mastermind – Reno Tapestry, on August 18th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm PDT to speak about and answer the TOP questions small and/or new business owners are asking! So get ready for me!!! If you have been asking yourself “How do I find clients?” and “How can I begin making more money?” Now is the time to take hold of quality information that WILL get you moving in the right direction! Attendees will learn and be able to implement IMMEDIATELY:
 How to increase your business in less than a week! The simple 3-step marketing system biz owners need who don’t know where to start, what to do next or how to get it … [Read more...]

Prioritizing Your Time for Success

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Prioritizing Your Time for Success   One of the biggest things that stops entrepreneurs from seeing more success and profits in your business is the lack of time management. It’s not easy to figure out how to prioritize your to do’s, tasks and time in order to get what needs to be done, done and in a timely manner. It’s also not easy to figure out always what to do in your marketing in order to see the best return on investment, right? I get it, these are things I have to work on pretty early on with all my clients so they don’t waste more time and money. It’s important to do things “in order of importance” for your goals and your business. That means, if your goal is to … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Being an Author!

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Are you an author now? Want to become an author?  Do you have a story, message or content inside of you that you want to get out? You want to make an impact with for others? Well this is a trick title really because frankly I don’t believe there are any cons to being an author, only pros. Let me share a few with you in case you don’t realize how cool it can be to be an author and also how much more money you can make in your business by being an author as well! And as a quick note before I do that, I’m talking about a print author, not an ebook author, there is a big difference although you do not have to be published by a big name publishing house these days, you can self-publish … [Read more...]

Starting a Business in Your 60’s and 70’s

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Starting a Business in Your 60's and 70's? Be Inspired By These Women!  I am so inspired by all the women I’ve been meeting and have worked with who are starting their own business in their 60’s and 70’s. Many of them say “I just can’t sit around, I need to be active”, or “I’ve always wanted to do X and now I finally can”. For whatever reason they decide to wait to start a business until their later years: For some it’s just something they put off while they take care of everyone else first. For others it’s a life event or transition that gives them the revelation to finally take charge of their life and do what they’ve always dreamed. And for a lot of them they do it out … [Read more...]

8 “Productive” Things to Do On Social Media for Business

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I see hundreds of business owners wasting hours of time each week on social media that I just want to cut to the chase. If you're looking to get paying clients from your efforts on social media websites and also get more people signed up on your email newsletter or to your website from your efforts on social media websites then these are: The Top 8 “Productive” Things to Do On Social Media for Business Snap – Snap photos of yourself, family, kids, vacation, pet and wherever you go and then upload them so your followers and friends can get to know you better. Share – Share other people’s posts, pictures, promotions or quotes to give them social credit and you a good reputation for … [Read more...]

Power of Words Speaker Summit 2015

Power of Words Speaker Summit 2015 Friday, August 21st @1pm to 7pm PST Sacramento, CA If you are planning to be in the Sacramento area on Friday, August 21st, you’ll want to join me and other fantastic speakers at the Power of Words Speaker Summit. Why? Because I know you will gain valuable information and tools to take your business to the next level! We have a wealth of knowledge and information to share with you on a variety of important business related topics like Sales, Social Media Marketing and much more. You’ll learn how words have an effect on your business and we’ll give you strategies for transforming your business with words. Ticket price is $20 per person or bring a … [Read more...]

What To Do With All Those Business Cards?


Networking and speaking in my business are two of the most important and revenue producing activities that I do. BUT it's because of my extensive follow up system and engagement before, during and after an event that makes it more profitable. One thing I see with other speakers and entrepreneurs is they collect a TON of business cards at events or fill in forms, contact info, etc. however they RARELY do anything with them. (At least not enough with them.) On this video I share a few tips on what YOU CAN DO with those new contacts and business cards that you collect so you know how to better maximize your time and investment in attending events. Because there are some very important … [Read more...]

STOP Avoiding Your Follow Up!

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PSA Virtual Summit Tuesday, July 28th @3pm PST Find out WHY it is so important to STOP Avoiding Your Follow Up!   JOIN ME on a FREE "Change Your World" Virtual Summit this month as I provide you all with Step-by-Step on How to Build and Leverage Your Contact List into Your Own Personal Follow Up Cash Machine! ADMIT IT… You have a big stack of business cards sitting on your desk of people you want to follow up with BUT HAVEN’T, don’t you? You do realize that you’re missing out on a TON OF SALES, right? You’re probably missing out on a few joint venture or referral source opportunities too… and who knows, all that LACK of FOLLOW UP could have brought you an extra $1000, $2000 … [Read more...]

Featured Product: “Email Marketing Rules”


It's Time to Update Your Email Marketing Strategy For Better Results!! Times have changed and email marketing is NOT working as well as it used to. With social media, many of your followers and contacts want to hear from you in different ways.  You may be doing more on social media but have you lost sight of what’s important in your email marketing? Whether you’re currently sending an email newsletter in your business or if you haven’t started one yet; I guarantee you’re missing some crucial aspects of it or you’re forgetting to do a few things that could be affecting your open rate, your click through rate and your unsubscribe rate. With this digital collection, I can help you … [Read more...]

How to Hire an Assistant and Build Your Team!


Are you ready to start delegating in your business? Not sure where to start, who to hire or what exactly to delegate and pay them? There is a lot to know about how to start delegating, how to hire an assistant OR how to build a bigger team. Believe me, I’ve made a ton of mistakes along the way. This video will share some of my success tips on hiring a VA or building your team. Plus you’ll learn the #1 question you want to ask those you hire! One of the things to remember is that sometimes you need to hire someone in your personal life rather than your business, right? Like a housekeeper or nanny? Wherever the bottleneck is in your life or business is where you want to … [Read more...]