Video Biz Tip: Making FAST Cash for the End of Year & Holidays!

make fast cash for the holidays

Today I want to talk to you about a topic I LOVE to help others with - it's all about making some Fast Cash! And you CAN make FAST CASH for the Holidays and before the end of the year! Some of you might be focusing solely on the Holidays and have already given up on making additional income before the end of the year. But some of you may be focusing on making more revenue BEFORE December 31st!  You want to serve more people, meet more of your goals, start STRONG in 2017! The First Tip is simple - It's Making Phone Calls Yes, I know, I usually get  biggest resistance from my clients when I mention making Phone Calls! I’m not talking about Cold Calling. I'm talking about calling your … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip: Scheduling time off in your business


I am so passionate about this topic: scheduling time off in your business.... you want to know why? Because I didn't do this for the longest time. I didn't take a real vacation for years in my starter marriage or in my that ridiculous or what? Hopefully you don't need this reminder but I'll bet there are many more of you like me than not. And vacations don't mean you have to spend a ton of cash. If you're on a limited budget or you don't even have a budget for "fun or vacations" just yet that doesn't mean you can't make more money to PUT them into the budget. Don't limit yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to for all the hard work you're putting in. Don't … [Read more...]

Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend Event – Spring 2017 & Upcoming Events

jumpstart your biz in a weekend

Today I want to remind you all that my Special Offer to attend my Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend Event in the Spring of 2017 FOR FREE ends tonight! I also want to remind you of other Events  I think you’ll find worth a closer look because many of you will want to sign up for those too! Many entrepreneurs, just like you, contact me for business and marketing advice, coaching and resources. And, if you are like many of them, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why I create my Live Big Events! I love helping other entrepreneurs become successful in a variety of ways! Some entrepreneurs need help with their marketing – they spend too much time working on things that are NOT giving … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip: Create a Nurturing, Inspiring Environment for Business

create nurturing inspiring environment

I’m here today to talk to you about something to move you FORWARD in your business FAST; something that I love to talk about and do…it’s a Vision Board and other ways to create a nurturing, inspiring environment for your Business. I construct my Vision Boards with Business on one side and Personal on the other. My BIG GOALS are in the middle. My big goals are usually my big money goals for the year – and they are all calculated. What do I mean by that? I determine how many speaking gigs I want for the year, how many people I want at my programs and live events and so on. Think about your BIG GOALS as the number of people you want to serve for the year – then you can easily break those down … [Read more...]

Thinking About Joining a Mastermind? Watch This Video First!

live big mastermind

Today I want to talk to you about Mastermind programs. I’ve just made a special offer to the attendees at my Live Event who are interested in joining a mastermind. I always offer special deals to my Event attendees so I’m sorry if you didn’t get your ticket before the Event sold out! But, if you act within the next couple of weeks, I’ll be happy to extend a special invitation to you, so read on and watch the video below. I’ve been in a few masterminds programs offered by highly successful people and for the most part, it’s what got me where I am today. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t have those experiences in the masterminds I was a part of. I’ve been leading a mastermind, my … [Read more...]

Join us at the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network Meeting!

sacramento speaker & entrepreneur network

Have your heard about the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network?  It's becoming the hot ticket in Sacramento, on the first Tuesdays of each month!  Our next meeting is TOMORROW, November 1, 2016. If you are a professional speaker, an aspiring speaker, an entrepreneur, author, non-traditional expert, trainer, coach, consultant, business professional, or service provider in the Sacramento, CA area, the Sacramento Speaker and Entrepreneur Network invites you to an evening of networking, training, and collaboration!  You’ll find this meet up to be unlike any other you have attended before! The majority of our members are business professionals but we all benefit by sharing … [Read more...]

Last Chance to Register for Love & Money LIVE! – TODAY!!

love & money LIVE

Want more Love & Money in your Life and in your Business?  Time is running out to register for my upcoming event on November 3, 4 and 5th in Sacramento!  Today, Thursday, October 27th, is the very last day you can register because my event kicks off next week! Who is This Event For: Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors, Healers, Service Professionals, Non-Traditional Experts, and frustrated small business owners or start-ups who want to see better results from your marketing AND get a better overall business plan in place FAST. Who is Going to Be There & Why: Join 60+ other entrepreneurs (and those just getting started) just like you who are tired of not … [Read more...]

Lead Generation Strategies – Work the Room at Events & Conferences

lead generation work the room at events

For introverts, these lead generation strategies might not appeal to you....but for me I love what I do!  Everyone needs to learn how to Work the Room at Events & Conferences to generate more leads without being annoying and salesy. You want people to talk to you, right? I love going to events, conferences and inspiring, supporting, coaching and even converting people to become clients. Why do I go to so many live events, even if I have to travel to get to them? Because it's the biggest form of lead generation in my business! Remember you have to do more of what works. And this works IF you know how to work the room like I do. Here are my Tips for Working the Room when you are at … [Read more...]

When to Start Marketing Your New Business – Part 2


Want to know when to start marketing? In Part 1 of this article, I covered what marketing really is and how to jumpstart your business and marketing…. Beyond all of that however, where should you start marketing or building a following? If your goal is to generate cash pretty quickly then I recommend you start marketing in two areas: Your Database – This should be everyone and anyone you “have access to” or often termed: your circle of influence. This could be anyone you know, do business with, are involved with inside organizations you belong to and even your social media connections. This does not mean you go add them all to an email newsletter database however but consider … [Read more...]

What’s Katrina Sawa Up To?- Late October Events


This week includes LIVE EVENTS in the Northwest and in the Sacramento area as well as a Virtual Event late in the week.  JOIN ME ! I'm heading North and looking forward to attending a couple of Live Events in the Vancouver, WA area. OCTOBER 18, 19 & 20 - Portland Oregon & Vancouver, Washington at various events!  Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 11:15 AM - Networking With Results Meetup happens at WareHouse '23, 100 Columbia St., #102, Vancouver, WA  - Find out more on the meetup page here. Wednesday, October 19, 2016 from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM PDT - SW Washington Leads and Needs - it's a chamber of commerce meeting - Find out more about this event here.  Beaches Restaurant & … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Wanna Make FAST CASH in Your Biz but THIS is Stopping You?

Wanna Make FAST CASH in Your Biz but THIS is Stopping You

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked to you about making FAST CASH!  I’ve shared tips about making FAST CASH via networking events and making phone calls.  There may be other factors that are stopping you from making money, specifically Mindset and Limiting Beliefs.  I’ve learned from working with clients over the last 14 years that it’s not enough to just learn how to network effectively or make phone calls. So, today I want to address mindset and limiting beliefs that you may need to overcome. These are some of the things that may be stopping you or are holding you back from making money on a consistent basis. You might be experiencing other limiting beliefs too but these are … [Read more...]

When to Start Marketing Your New Business – Part 1


Want to know when to start marketing? More often than not, when I speak with newer business owners or those who want to start up a business but aren’t quite ready yet or aren’t sure yet of what kind of business to start…the number one thing the majority of them say about marketing is “when I’m ready to start marketing Katrina, I’ll come to you”. No!!! The time to start marketing your business is now! Before you think you’re ready!! Why? Because you have to start building a following of people who are interested in your topic matter, your industry, your voice. The sooner you start building a following and start talking to people about what you’re doing, whether you’re doing it … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Want to Make FAST CASH in your Biz? Make More Phone Calls!

fast cash - make more phone calls

Last week I gave you FAST CASH tips on networking more effectively.  Today, my video tip is about making FAST CASH in your business by making more phone calls! I know, I know – you’re thinking “I don’t like to make cold calls!”.  I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about WARM calling – Calling through your database.  These are people you’ve already met – those who are in your contact database. Just pick up the phone to say hello!  Start an interactive conversation!  You have to have a reason to call them, of course and I’m giving you several examples in the video below. This method WORKS!!  I know it does because I do it myself.  I don’t outsource these types of calls!  And yes, … [Read more...]

October Live & Virtual Events to Find Katrina Sawa


I’ve booked another month packed with Events here on the West Coast & Virtually - JOIN ME!     TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4TH from Noon - 1:30 pm PST - Part 2 of Kat's Brand New Webinar Training: Marketing Basics for Consistent Cash Flow - There is still time to get in on this $79 training and get access to Part 1, all the handouts, homework and attend or get the replay of this next class. Find out how you can join us and get access today, click here.     TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4TH from 5:45 - 8 pm - the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network meets at the Holiday Inn in Rancho Cordova.  This networking group has grown to be one of the most popular for … [Read more...]

Why Most People Will Never Be Great At Marketing


Want to know why most people will never be great at marketing? I'll tell you.... It's because they/you get in their/your own way! You get in your own way with: Thinking that it's too expensive You don't want to be perceived as salesy Thinking people will be upset if you send them too many emails or call back too often Making marketing decisions around what YOU like or don't like (ie: you hate getting junk in the mail so you don't mail anything to prospects or you hate it when people email you weekly information so you barely send something out once a month!) You don't believe or aren't sure yet if you have something important enough to tell them, share or invite them … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Want to Make FAST CASH in your Biz? Get Networking!


Are you finding it hard to get out to more networking events or any at all? Are you just too busy? Or maybe you are not a big fan of networking. Are you unsure what to say, do or how to get paying customers from networking events? Then you DEFINITELY want to check out today's video biz tip. In today’s video biz tip, you'll find out how to make more sales and get more leads from live networking event and even make money ON THE SPOT, without being salesy and pushy. This works! Then come talk with me about it or check out my next event Nov 3-5, 2016. Info about that event and others is at Check out the video below for more detail about Making FAST CASH in your … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Are You Focusing Enough on LOVE in Your Business?

are you focusing on LOVE in your business

Today I want to talk to you about my book, “Love Yourself Successful” and specifically about what’s in my book – The Four Types of Love. These Four Types of Love can affect how much money you are making in your business. These topics are top of mind for me right now because I’m preparing for my Live Event on November 3, 4, & 5th, 2016 called “Love & Money LIVE”. Check out the video because I’m also offering a coupon code at the end for those of you who are interested in attending. Most of the time, I find that it’s my female clients or friends who are not focusing enough on LOVE in their business. So I wanted to emphasize that to make money, you have to make sure you are focusing … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – How and What to Delegate to an Assistant or VA

when & how to delegate to an assistant or VA

The subject of what to delegate to an Assistant or Virtual Assistant was a topic that several members of my Live Big Mastermind wanted to discuss with me recently.  The topic came up again during our bi-weekly group call in my Mastermind this week. It appears to be a HOT topic, so I thought I should be sharing some tips about it with you today!   I’m also including a juicy FREE resource at this end of this video so make sure you pick that up while you are here.  And now, here are my Tips: What Types of Tasks Should You Delegate to an Assistant You have to figure out the types of tasks you need to delegate first.  For example, do you need someone to do technology-type tasks?  If you … [Read more...]