Content Strategy in Your Business Videos


We're continuing the 3-part video series on How to Start Doing Videos in Your Business Now...   Here's the second video on Doing Videos in Your Business -->>  As I started talking to you about last week, I want you to STOP PROCRASTINATING doing videos in your marketing and business and not only learn how to do them, develop content for them but also have them work FOR you to convert paying clients! I started a 3 part video series on that topic last week, today I talked about creating a content strategy.  CLICK HERE to watch/read the 1st blog post and video w/ focus on Mindset (what to wear, etc.) CLICK HERE to watch/read the 2nd blog post and video w/ focus on … [Read more...]

Enter to WIN $10K+ Giveaway for Business Building


What do you get when you combine Chris Makell, Linda Allred, Rebecca Hall Gruyter and me, Katrina Sawa? You get The Women's Business Empowerment Collective, a collaboration of experienced business owners and mentors sharing their knowledge and skills with you. We want to support you in growing your business! Visit now  and enter the $10K Prize Giveaway for your chance to win $10K+ in business-building prizes! Plus automatically receive hundreds of dollars in business building gifts instantly, just for entering! If you’re ready to get your hands on this “VAULT” of over $10,000 worth of proven business “staples” for FREE, then sign up in the box … [Read more...]

Discover Your Million Dollar Message

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Imagine having a Million Dollar Message!?! My good friend and colleague, Maurice DiMino will be taking his hugely successful “Creating Your Million Dollar Message Intensive” on the road.  He will be traveling to cities throughout the United States bringing his system for marketing success to a city near you. Maurice believes…one of the reasons our businesses don’t take off or stall: Not having a “Clear, Concise and Call to action message” for our product or services.  He calls it the Three C’s.  Does your business marketing message contain these three points? He is now taking this easy-to-use Template on the road.  Now you can create a profitable, passionate and … [Read more...]

JumpStart Your Business NOW! Radio Show with Katrina Sawa & Her Special Guest Kathy Taylor July 22nd


I host my own Blog Talk Radio show called JumpStart Your Business NOW! on Blog Talk Radio from 11:00 - 11:30 am (PST) / 1:00 pm (EST) every Tuesday.  If you want to call into the show and ask a question just dial (347) 843-4152. Upcoming Show Information: HerdWise CEO Kathy Taylor is a leadership coach, speaker and an award winning entrepreneur. She empowers her clients to activate their Inner GPS to become the leader that others want to follow. She serves on the board of NAWBO/DFW and is also a Director in the Public Speakers Association. She has spoken at TEDx and is co-author of the forthcoming book Dare to be a Difference Maker. Visit her online at … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Getting Started Doing Videos in Your Business – Part 1 of 3


What are you waiting for? Seriously! I want to help you get started (or refine and monetize the use of) using videos in your business and marketing... Please don't pass by this article if you haven't started doing video yet in your business - for marketing, your website, tips, engaging clients and more. This seriously is something you don't want to ignore anymore. And if you're already doing videos in your business, you may catch a few tips here that can enhance your videos, capture you more viewers and convert more paying customers! In my business and marketing coaching business you can imagine that I hear a lot of excuses as to why someone isn't or doesn't want to do video yet in … [Read more...]

Start Doing Videos in Your Business…NOW!


I want to start talking to you about too and urging you to do in your marketing and business is doing videos. I started a 3 part video series on the topic. How to know what to say, wear, info about lighting, technology needs and even how to get the videos out once they're done. Watch for more videos on that coming soon...but here's the first video on Doing Videos in Your Business -->>    Check out these recent articles I've written: You May Have Three Purposes - learn how you may have not only one purpose but three and how that can shift what you're doing in your business! CLICK HERE TO READ. 7 Updated Online Marketing & Social Media Trends - It’s time to … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Getting Free Publicity for Your Business

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I'm so excited (and annoyed actually at the same time)! Here's why.... Yay! I was on TV yesterday, on the show in Sacramento, CA called Sac & Co. Click on the video image to the right to view the segment where I talked about my book, Love Yourself Successful. I talked about the topic of Not Settling - in your life, your love life, with your dreams & your business/career. Life is too short, right? I shared some of my story with viewers and why they need to take charge of their life now, don't wait and don't settle. Why that topic you ask? Because it's of interest to a lot of people, it's more mainstream AND it does go along with my book, Love Yourself … [Read more...]

JumpStart Your Business NOW! Katrina Sawa shares how to Jumpstart Your Business Fast


I host my own Blog Talk Radio show called JumpStart Your Business NOW! on Blog Talk Radio from 11:00 - 11:30 am (PST) / 1:00 pm (EST) every Tuesday.  If you want to call into the show and ask a question just dial (347) 843-4152. Upcoming Show Information: We’re half way through this year and if you’re not half way through to your goals in revenue or otherwise for your business then you definitely want to listen in this week as Katrina Sawa shares how to Jumpstart Your Business Fast! On this episode, Katrina will share how to look at your business from the big picture and big vision of what you want to create and where you want to be all the way down to the nitty gritty details of … [Read more...]

Katrina is a Guest on Breaking Barriers with Cheryl J. Moses

I am a Guest on Cheryl J. Moses' telesummit - Breaking Barriers Want to learn how to be happier, fearless, and successful? Do you feel like you're in a rut? Not sure where to turn or how to get unstuck? Are you looking for the path to get from where you are to where you want to be? My friend Cheryl J. Moses has put together this telesummit to give you simple tools to accelerate your business and improve your life. Myself and other top industry experts will share tips and tools on how to live a fulfilled life and increase your cash flow and show you how to be the rock star that you were designed to be!     I'd love to hear your thoughts on the telesummit in … [Read more...]

You May Have Three Purposes


I was at a women's conference a couple years ago and one of the main things that stuck with me from that particular conference was that we don't have just ONE purpose in life or in business, but we have three. It made sense and maybe you'll agree. It always felt hard for me to answer that question when my coaches and mentors or even my clients asked me, "What is your purpose?". But this makes it simple I think, see what you think and comment below! You May Have 3 Purposes: Professional Purpose - this is why you do what you do from an expertise standpoint. What is the transformation you provide? What are the resources or the trainings you provide? And whom or how many is it … [Read more...]

JumpStart Your Business NOW! Radio Show with Katrina Sawa & Her Special Guest Harriet Tubman Wright July 8th


I host my own Blog Talk Radio show called JumpStart Your Business NOW! on Blog Talk Radio from 11:00 - 11:30 am (PST) / 1:00 pm (EST) every Tuesday.  If you want to call into the show and ask a question just dial (347) 843-4152. Upcoming Show Information: Coach, Speaker, Author, Metaphysician Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA of The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center has empowered mature women entrepreneurs, managers and educators spiritually and financially, using her Signature Success System of holistic health practices, expressive arts and sacred ritual to help them unleash their true essence, unique brilliance and innate creativity to become vibrant prosperous leaders, … [Read more...]

Online marketing changes, spam laws & special offer thru July 7th

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I just returned from a really great online marketing and social media conference that took place in Dallas this weekend and I'm sharing more about the 7 KEY trends I learned there, some massive updates and statistics for social media marketing that all of you should be paying attention to for your online marketing in a NEW ARTICLE I wrote (not a video this week because the airline lost my luggage and I couldn't really do my hair today LOL). Click here to read the article! So the update on the Canadian Spam Law thing (from this weekend and some other folks I'm following) is this: You do want to make sure you have a double opt in for all Canadians, and as much as I don't like it … [Read more...]

7 Updated Online Marketing & Social Media Trends

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It's time to evolve your marketing plan and strategy, especially if you haven't updated it in a while or if you have no real strategy at all. Being an entrepreneur in this day and age there is NO getting around being online, being visible, credible, knowledgable and informative. Let's face it, if you're not already embracing most social media platforms for whatever reason, it's time to start paying attention and get interactive online. But it's more than just "being" on social media, there is a lot more to pay attention to and this can help. I recently returned from a pretty big social media and digital marketing conference and there were a few key things that I gleaned from this … [Read more...]

JumpStart Your Business NOW! Radio Show with Katrina Sawa & Her Special Guest Yvonne A. Jones July 1st


I host my own Blog Talk Radio show called JumpStart Your Business NOW! on Blog Talk Radio from 11:00 - 11:30 am (PST) / 1:00 pm (EST) every Tuesday.  If you want to call into the show and ask a question just dial (347) 843-4152. Upcoming Show Information: Yvonne A Jones is an Online Marketing Strategist & Small Business Mentor who is passionate about delivering excellent client care and customer experience.  She believes that rather than focusing on customer service, businesses should focus on making every contact with their clients and customers an enjoyable experience. She was recognized in 2012 by as "One of the Top 10 Most Influential Customer Service Experts to … [Read more...]

Katrina is a Guest on Intuition to Income with Abby Gooch

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I am a Guest on Abby Gooch's Online TV Show - Intuition to Income - How to Create Miracles in Your Business by Following Your Intuition    Intuition to Income Global Summit shows you how to tune into your intuition to build a more lucrative and rewarding business. Intuition is how our souls speak to us. Following your intuition will reveal the right path – for YOU – to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment in your business, while also earning more money.  Can you have a lucrative business and make a difference? You bet! The Intuition to Income 21-day global summit introduces you to entrepreneurs from around the world who are doing it. Their secret? Listening to their … [Read more...]

Video: New Law for Email Marketing Effective July 1st


Today I'm talking about something that's pretty urgent, in fact my team just became aware of this last night and I wanted to pass on what we know to YOU so YOU can make the necessary adjustments to your marketing IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT pass this info up, watch and read so you can fix your emails and systems right away and not get caught spamming. If you are sending emails to ANY list of people at all, even if they have clearly "opted in" on your website prior to July 1st, if you have ANYONE on your list or plan to possibly have people join from Canada, you must implement a double opt in approach on your sign up pages! Apparently this applies only to those from Canada right now but if you are … [Read more...]

Katrina is a Guest on Networking CEO Radio with Patty Farmer


I am a Guest on Patty Farmer's Radio Show - Networking CEO on June 25th at 8 am Pacific / 10 am Central / 11 am Eastern   I'm excited to be a guest on my friend Patty Farmer's radio show, Networking CEO, on Wednesday, June 25th. I'll be sharing tips and ideas for growing your business, simplying your systems and processes, how love is a critical factor in all that you do, especially in business - and more! Tune in on Wednesday, June 25th with your questions: (760) 539-3271.     About the show: NetworkingCEO=Connecting Entrepreneurs Online Learn how to leverage and position yourself to connect with and collaborate with the entreprenuers you need to deliver results … [Read more...]