Get Your LOVE On!

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Did you know that LOVE could be the single most important thing that if you focus on getting MORE of it, it could actually make you more MONEY? What am I talking about exactly? This is how I had my first $100,000 year in business. It's true! You see, I had been working on my business (and IN it of course) for 6 years....I'd done EVERYTHING every mentor told me to do, everything I knew to do with my years of training in sales and marketing and I still hadn't hit the 6 figure mark. You think I was frustrated??? Oh my God, yes I was! What did I have to do? What was I doing wrong? What was I not doing enough of? How could I change my business or do things differently to get the … [Read more...]

Passion to Profit: LIVE Telesummit! February 9th-13th!

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I'm so excited to share something with you - something really BIG! If you are ready to make 2015 the year of BIG success, then you MUST join me and 24 other experts TOP in their fields! Announcing the Today's Innovative Woman LIVE Telesummit: Passion to Profit. Join Us February 9th -13th for This Ground-Breaking Telesummit by registering here: -->>>  The Experts at Today’s Innovative Woman magazine (and that includes ME!) are HIGHLY successful, skilled business owners who are authors, coaches, consultants, mentors, trainers and speakers. They are providing tips, tools and strategies based on their own successful business experience – and they are SHARING IT ALL in … [Read more...]

Quick Tip for Entrepreneurs About Doing Teleclasses & Webinars


Are you an entrepreneur who's trying to build your email list? Are you unsure of what to do to make that happen FASTER? Well if this is you, then check out this post!  I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2002. I’ve taken numerous courses and trainings, hired mentors, been in masterminds, etc. to upwards of $170,000 in investments in my business. One of the many marketing and lead generation strategies I learned along the way that I still do today, 8 years later is to hold teleclasses & webinars live just about every single month. I hope you realize how important speaking can be to YOUR business too. And speaking in this way can catapult your business tremendously in many … [Read more...]

Be the Hottest Ticket in Town! Free Teleseminar Jan 29!


Are you ready to discover how to FINALLY overcome those negative, limiting subconscious beliefs around money and food so you can... Feel confident about receiving what you're worth AND boost your sales? Attract more of your 'ideal' clients? Charge what you're worth AND have clients who are happy to pay your rates? Have enough sales and ideal clients in your business to provide you with a very comfortable way of life? And FINALLY get rid of your sabotaging, outdated and untrue beliefs surrounding money and food so you can move forward with your plans for your business and life NOW? Then reserve your seat now for this FREE teleseminar called: Be The Hottest Ticket In Town When … [Read more...]

Quick Tip for Speakers on Following Up After Presentations


Are you a speaker who doesn’t seem to convert a lot of people from your audiences either into a sale or onto your email list? Are you unsure of what to do when following up? Well if this is you, then watch this video!   I’ve been speaking for over 14 years in my own business and for other jobs that I’ve held as well and I learn more every year watching speakers do their thing on stage. I’ve also taken numerous speaking courses and trainings to upwards of $70,000 in investments in my business since I realize that speaking is the #1 very best way to capture new clients. I hope you realize how important speaking can be to YOUR business too. And following up from speaking … [Read more...]

Build Friendships, Attract Clients, Free Webinar Jan 21st


Have you noticed how the way other people perceive you often seems to affect the way you see yourself?  That means it’s really important to pick the people around you wisely! Imagine being surrounded by people who see all of your power and potential, even on the days you’re filled with doubt and uncertainty.  Imagine a network of women who value you the way you are, and want to share your message with the people in their lives. As you spent more and more time around those people, how could you NOT genuinely start to become the person they saw you as? Now… imagine that by simply building natural, authentic business friendships with the people in that network, you could … [Read more...]

Get Out of Your Business Funk and Back On Track in 2015!


One of the biggest things I see with entrepreneurs soon after the first of the year is that they typically get into a business funk. They set lofty goals maybe in January that still aren’t really coming to fruition or they’ve already backed out of the resolutions they’ve set and for whatever reason get into a funk about business stuff or personal (which in turn affects their business too). Some of the things that can put us into that funk include: Realizing that what we’re doing to grow our business isn’t working Having negative people around you and saying unsupportive things Not having the funds to invest in or do the things you KNOW you need to do Just plain NOT … [Read more...]

How to Set BIG(GER) Money Goals for the New Year


Do you like making resolutions every year? What about money goals – do you make them? Hit them? I personally am not a big fan of resolutions. Every time in the past where I’ve set them, I’ve never seemed to actually accomplish them, especially when they had to do with dieting or weight loss. I do however, see results from and accomplish most of my goals that I set every year (personal or business). So instead of resolutions if you’ve not had that much luck with them in the past either, let’s set some clear, actionable and realistic goals (especially MONEY GOALS!) for yourself and your business?   I believe in optimistic, stretch goals but also realistic goals. I’ve had … [Read more...]

Early Bird Rates for the Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit


The Super Duper Early Bird Rates for My Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales Summit this April Are Ending on January 16th! Hi, it’s Katrina Sawa here with a quick note to for those of you who keep emailing or telling me every year about my event, saying you want to come but XYZ keeps getting in the way... Want to know what I have to say to that? STOP IT!  Stop procrastinating learning how to run your business more effectively and consistently Stop hiding your head in the sand thinking your business (or website) is just going to increase on it's own through word of mouth Stop listening to free teleclasses, speakers and free webinars thinking you're going to be … [Read more...]

10 Upcoming Events, Deadlines Approaching, Don’t Miss Out!


Where is Katrina Sawa this New Year, 2015? What upcoming events, interviews and business seminars is she attending, speaking at or hosting herself that you can attend? Find out below with the list on this page. If you want someone to talk this out with you to help you figure out which options are best for you and your business specifically, then I’d love to either talk with you in a Free One-Time Coaching Call, find out about that here.   1)  ”Ready for the Right Guy” Telesummit started THIS SUNDAY January 4th but you can still get info to find your guy this year! I’ve teamed up with an incredible lineup of love and relationship experts including one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Is Your 2015 Business & Marketing Plan in Place?


Ok we're almost at the end of your 2015 business and marketing plan ready to go? Do you have your big picture goals plotted out? Do you have your annual marketing calendar in place? What? You don't? I'm shocked! Naw...I'm not really...the majority of small business owners don't do enough planning, so if you're not totally ready for the New Year yet, I get it. I used to be just like that, putting off the planning so much that the whole year would go by before I really had a handle on what I was doing. Or hap-hazardly taking action on this or that with no clear plan or focused direction. Not a good idea right? These days I do some planning for sure. It's … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Hire a Business Coach or Mentor?


If you've been considering hiring a business coach, marketing coach, life coach or some other type of mentor but you haven't yet and aren't sure who to hire or what you really need then take a look at this. If you've hired coaches or mentors before for your business, yourself or some other reason and it's gone well, great. If you've hired them and it hasn't gone well or you for some reason don't feel like you received the value you deserved, I get it. All coaches and mentors are NOT created equal. Even those who call themselves a Business Coach, we all do various different things and in different ways so it can be tough looking and evaluating from the outside, thinking you're comparing … [Read more...]

Are You Settling? Yes, I’m talking to you!

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Are You Settling? Yes, I’m talking to you… This is a quick reminder to take an inventory of your life this holiday season. You'll be around a lot more family and friends possibly than normal and you want to take notice of who is supportive of what you're doing in your business, your lifestyle and choices, etc. and who is NOT. Plus take inventory of other areas too to make sure you're not settling: Are you doing the business, or in the job, of your dreams? If not, stop settling and go find something that lights your fire! Are you in a love relationship that empowers you to be your best self where you’re cherished every single day? If not, what’s missing and how can you … [Read more...]

Don’t wait for Santa! Enter the Conscious Business Holiday Giveaway to win valuable gifts for you and your business today!


The 2nd Annual Conscious Business Holiday Giveaway is now underway and let me tell you, it's a giveaway like no other! My colleague Julia Stege has really done something magical! She has put together a sparkling event in which 6 conscious entrepreneurs - including me - are giving away more than $10,000 of high-touch, in-person services designed to support you to really get to a new level with your business and your life in 2015! The 2nd Annual Conscious Business HolidayGiveaway is like NO OTHER giveaway you will see this season. It is NOT a giveaway of “how to” reports that you may never read. It’s NOT a pre-recorded class from 4 years ago that you’ll never listen to … [Read more...]

Single and Looking? Ready for the Right Guy Summit starts January 4th, 2015!


I'm writing to you today about something that's a little off the "business" topic. It's about your love life! If you’ve been around me for a while now you may not be surprised to see this today as I talk a lot about Love & Money and how important having BOTH are in your life to enjoy complete happiness and success in my mind. My new brand in fact is all about helping you put more LOVE in your life and MONEY in your business! I want every one of you to be as happy in YOUR love relationships as I am in mine with Jason.  Therefore, I became part of this tele-summit to help those of you still looking for your Mr. Right to help you in this quest so we can get on with the … [Read more...]

Live Webinar Training Dec 17: 2015 Marketing Calendar Planning and More!


In this 75-minute live webinar I'll be hosting Wednesday, December 17, I'll walk you through how to look at your business on an annual basis and how to plot out your big launches, new programs, speaking gigs, live events you host and the ones you attend, and so much more in order to have more of a smooth-running and profitable year! You'll also learn: How I do my big picture planning  The different strategies you can use to plot out your year in advance so you can stay focused The #1 thing you want to plot on your annual or monthly calendar before anything else Tricks and proven strategies on how to build out your new products/services launches  Marketing strategies to … [Read more...]

Tis the Season and have I got a Gift for You!


Where do you go when you have questions about how to run your small business? When you need resources to make entrepreneurship easier? I hope you have experts who you trust, and I hope I’m one of those experts for you and I have a gift for you.   I’m honored to be part of an incredible group of business experts who have all come together to share with you our tools, tricks, and tips that can make your business more successful overnight - and they are all absolutely free!   Resources like: E-books Swipe Files Reports Workbooks and so much more! On topics including: Marketing and growing your list Small business finances Using social media Becoming a … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Holiday “Create Your Own Deal” Special Offer!


Hey there, I have a REALLY FUN DEAL FOR YOU!! When I thought about doing a Thanksgiving Sale this holiday and choosing ONE of my popular products or programs to give you a discount on or bonus with, etc. I thought "How do I choose which one people want? Everyone is working on different things in their life and business right now." Then I thought, should I do a special on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or Thanksgiving like everyone else? Nope! So........... what I decided to do instead is run a "You Choose Your Deal" Holiday Special Offer! And I've mentioned it a couple times now in my emails to subscribers but I forgot to do a blog post about it for those of you who just watch my … [Read more...]