Join me at the Public Speaker Association Conference 2016


Next weekend, I’m headed to the annual Public Speaker Association Conference! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to make many new connections while attending this amazing Event.  Based on my experience at the Public Speaker Association Conference last year, not only is it a great way to network, but I had so much fun in the process. The conference this year is being held at the Hard Rock Hotel in beautiful Palm Springs, CA beginning Sunday, June 26th through Wednesday, June 29th.  There is so much packed into these four days of the Conference – attendees will have the opportunity to hear many high 6 and 7 figure speakers this year and networking, group coaching and FUN sessions are … [Read more...]

Tips for Making It Easier for Prospects to Buy From You


Do you realize that you could very well be making it really, really hard for prospects to buy from you or get more info from you in general? So many business owners and entrepreneurs are doing this...making it difficult for your prospects to buy. You just aren't aware though so it's ok but please heed these suggestions so you can get more prospects to say YES to you or even find you or sign up for more info. How could you be making it hard for them? Not having easy click and buy buttons on your website for things you really could be selling automatically. Not having flyers, cards or order forms on hand when you attend live events to catch those hot and ready to buy or sign up on … [Read more...]

Upcoming Events starting this week!


Check out some of the exciting events I have coming up this month!   Join us on Tuesday, June 7th at the Sacramento Speaker and Entrepreneur Network being held at the Holiday Inn Rancho Cordova to network, collaborate, share resources and learn more about the business of speaking and everything that has to go along with that. Members are encouraged to sign up to speak and there is training each month. We work on ways to help each other find more speaking opportunities or build our businesses in general. Our newer speaker, Stevan Stewart, will speak on the topic of Moving Forward in Faith. Hear Stevan's personal struggle with surviving an auto accident, aneurysm and alcoholism, and … [Read more...]

5 Keys for Better Converting Sales Conversations

get more done

Today’s video tip is about Creating Better Converting Sales Conversations. It’s a task that as an entrepreneur, some aren't always that strong with....sales conversations. If you struggle with how to either get more people to sales conversations with you or having them say YES to you, then check out today's video tip. These 5 keys will help you tremendously when talking with prospects whether it's on the phone, in person or via email or online. 1. Connect & Build More Rapport 2. Ask Questions, Listen & Don't Preach 3. Don't Share Your Pricing Too Soon 4. Remain Indifferent 5.. Offer "This or That" Listen in to hear me explain all this more! Click on the video … [Read more...]

Kat’s East Coast Trip Highlights


My week on the East Coast was amazing! If I missed you and you lived there....I may try to get to Florida, Georgia or somewhere else in the South East in my blog and/or get on my email newsletter! So what did I do? I spoke for an awesome chapter of eWomenNetwork that meets in Central New Jersey first. Gloria Cirulli, the Exec Managing Director and her whole group of ladies and emales were so inviting. I'm telling you, if you live in or even remotely near where they meet, it's worth a good drive once a month to connect with these people, they rock! My talk was on "STOP Avoiding Your Follow Up" and since I've been traveling a bit more than normal (in Vegas today in fact … [Read more...]

How Do I Get It All Done?!?! That is the Question

get more done

Today’s video tip is about Getting More Things Done. It’s a topic that many entrepreneurs struggle with as well as my mastermind clients.  How do I Get It All Done!  We all have to become more organized and more efficient with our time management so we CAN  do more to reach more prospects to ultimately make more money. I have tips for you today and a webinar you can watch if you are interested in plotting your activities out in a marketing calendar – something I highly advise. Keeping your calendar up to date with the marketing tasks you need to do each day, your business appointments, your networking events and even your personal appointments is ONE of the BEST things you can do to stay … [Read more...]

FREE Scholarship to Jumpstart Your Business Now!

entrepreneur opportunity

If someone offered you an FREE Scholarship Opportunity to be a More Successful Entrepreneur – would you take it? It breaks my heart to see entrepreneurs struggling ~ struggling to pay their bills, struggling to get ahead in their business, or struggling to get their message to those who can really benefit from their offerings. Does this describe you? Are you passionate about what you have to offer to the world but the money just isn’t coming in?  Is anxiety setting in to the point where you are wondering why you decided to start your own business?  If you are new in business or a seasoned business owner, and you are finding yourself a third of the way through the year but your income in … [Read more...]

How to Set Up Effective Display Tables for your Business

Effective Table Displays

This week I’m on the East Coast at two Speaking Events and my Live Big Events – One Day Intensive in New Jersey.  I’m hoping your registered if you are in the area.  But I wanted to share some tips with you this week TradeShow Displays, those are Display Tables at a Conference or Networking Event where you are Speaking at, Attending or Back of the Room Displays. First of all, I have a FREE Checklist that you will want to download.  You can find it here ! This checklist tells you EVERYTHING you will want to have on hand to set up your Display Table. You never know what you will need last minute, and I’m a frequent exhibitor at Events so please take advantage of my wisdom and download this … [Read more...]

Last Chance to Register for May Events!

last chance offers for my east coast tour

Hey East Coast Fans – It’s your LAST CHANCE to come to these fabulous Events where I’ll be speaking. I’m getting ready for a whirlwind tour of the East Coast next week to help business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to make more money while enjoying the lifestyle they have been yearning for!  If this describes you or someone you know,  take a look at all of these offerings and sign up or share them with a business owner on the East Coast who could benefit from attending. eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking Luncheon Event This event will be held at the Sheraton Edison Hotel Raritan Center – Edison, New Jersey Tuesday, May 17th from 11:30a.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET I love eWomenNetwork and I … [Read more...]

Fix Your Voice Mail Message, You’re Losing Business!


Are you kidding me with the voice mail messages out there right now? 85% of the people I call, who are in business mind you, have zero clue that their voice mail sucks I think so I had to record this video to wake those of you up to consciousness. ;-) Honestly I'm doing this out of love. Love for wanting you to succeed in your business, get more clients and make a lot more money doing what you love! But if your voice mail message sucks or is non-existent then I guarantee you that you're losing business because of it. Listen in on today's video to hear some of my tips on how to improve your voice mail, what to say and how to get people to take you more seriously...because if your … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Hard to Keep Yourself Accountable?

Video Tip Accountabilityx 800

Today's Tip is about Accountability. Do you find it Hard To Keep Yourself Accountable? Today I want to share a couple of tips about Accountability and Getting Stuff Done. That seems to be a challenge for several of my clients. I’m finding they need to be able to reach me via text, email or a call once or a week or every other week to make sure they are on track with what they should to be doing during the week or month. Sometimes they need reassurance of what their daily tasks should be to reach their goals. It’s easy to get knocked off of your game. You get demotivated or something happens to distract you from your regular routine. Once your energy shifts, it’s hard to get back … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip on Time Management

video tip about time management

Today's Tip is about Time Management - Entrepreneurs MUST be good at it to Grow Their Business I recently gave everyone a tip about accountability where I talked a little about Google Calendar and time blocking, but I’m finding there are many entrepreneurs who could do a better job at keeping track of their time. Here’s what I mean by that. I’ve made several appointments with business owners; a few were my clients but most of them were not my clients, where the other person missed our appointment! Why? Because they hadn’t noted it correctly in whatever system they are using or they simply failed to make a note of the appointment. This is a problem that can lead to a huge … [Read more...]

What is Kat Up To in May 2016?

whats kat up to

May Event Highlights I started my month networking with powerful women while getting inspired at the Women Who Rock Event in Los Angeles. I followed up that event by attending Craig Duswalt’s RockStar BOOK Camp in LA. There were so many great ideas and tips at this event, I outlined my next book the same day! And along with learning some new tips, I met so many like-minded people at these two events. You have heard me say this many times. Going to several events each month helps to get you more exposure because you have an opportunity to talk to more people who could be your prospective clients! I'm speaking at several Events this month on the East Coast! I’m returning to … [Read more...]

Love & Money Club – Guest Expert for April 2016

love and money club logo

Our Love & Money Club Guest Expert this month is Women Wellness Expert, Robin Treasure! How are you managing Stress? Do you know that stress can zap your energy, stimulate your food carvings and cause you to be less productive?   Our Love & Money Club Guest Expert this month is Women's Wellness expert, Robin Treasure who will be speaking about The R’s of Stress Management: Resiliency, Reduction and Responsiveness (vs. Reacting) Robin will share simple techniques to help you reduce and eliminate your daily stressors. What you'll walk away with from this call: How to become resilient to whatever comes your way; The key mindset that every entrepreneur needs to … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Here’s how to Get Out of A Funk

screenshot - get out of your funk

Today's Tip is to help you GET OUT of your FUNK! Many entrepreneurs have a tendency to "get into our own heads" a little too much or sometimes we let things negatively affect us. This is something I call “getting into a funk”. We sometimes get discouraged or frustrated or unhappy, hurt, or sad. Maybe it was something someone said, did, or didn't do that put you in a funk for a while, a day, or even longer. If you had your entire day planned and you let something get to you, it could affect your productivity. Getting into a funk could result in your not getting the things done that you needed to do. One thing I recommend is to have someone to talk to. And if you are in a funk and … [Read more...]

On the Road Again – Where’s Kat Speaking this Week?


Another busy week for this entrepreneur speaker - but you know I wouldn't have it any other way! I’m SO excited to be speaking tomorrow at the Public Speakers Association Virtual Summit.  My presentation is “Jumpstart Your Business in 90 Days or Less!”  This will be a great way for you to learn how to stop stressing about what to do in your business & how to do things you should be doing in your business so that you can pay your bills. I’ll teach you an easy system to start, grow, run and market your business that allows you to attract more of your ideal clients consistently for more cash flow.  Sounds good, right?  So join us tomorrow, Wednesday, April 20th at 10:30a PST.  Click here … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Save Money to Make Money

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 5.31.38 PM

Today's Tip should help you keep more of the money you make because when you SAVE money you MAKE more money right? Are you wondering if all the things you pay for every month in your business or your personal life are really necessary expenses? Well one year in my business I added up all those monthly charges and fees at it equalled over $1000/month! At the time I was in a place where I literally couldn't afford to pay all of my bills....I had to choose which to pay and which not to pay! I had to sit down and see what I could cut or where I could SAVE or switch in order to KEEP more of the money I was making! You may want to do this too. If you need to make more money, one way … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Why Join a Mastermind or Hire a Mentor?

Video Biz Tip mastermind video

Today's Tip Should you Join a Mastermind or Hire a Mentor? YES, if you hire the one that's right for you and your learning style! As a solopreneur, you are aware how you are alone in your office, right? You are alone to make decisions, to plan, to envision the big picture. You have to learn what you need to do to grow your business. You have to begin to know what you don’t know. There are so many people out there who think they can get a business card printed, put up a website and they will make hundreds of thousands of dollars by suddenly becoming an entrepreneur. WRONG! It’s not that easy. A very small percentage of entrepreneurs may do well fresh out of the starting gate, but most do … [Read more...]