Is Your Vibe Attracting the Right Tribe?

ignite your tribe

Time is running out for you to register for an awesome virtual video series that I’m a part of called, The Ignite Your Tribe World Summit: Lead With Love & Grow Your Profits – Without Losing Your Soul! This 10-day event starts tomorrow, Monday, May 22nd so you will want to register today if you haven't already! Does this describe you?  You started your business because you wanted more freedom to do what you love making the income you need. You wanted to serve the world and make an impact. But making an impact on the right people, and enough of them to keep your business profitable, isn’t as easy as you expected it to be. My colleague, Carol Ann DeSimine, has interviewed me and … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Success In Life

5 steps to success in your life

Here's a recipe for Success in Life using 5 Steps! Guest blog post By Dr. Richard B. Greene,   I am a huge proponent of using formulas to do things I’ve never done before. Let me give you an example, I don’t consider myself to be a great cook; just a competent one. I really enjoy good food and I view dining and the presentation of food as an art. But here’s the deal, I don’t have to be an artist to make a good meal. I can simply follow a recipe. If I don’t deviate from the recipe, chances are that I’ll make something that is pretty tasty. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe I’m a gourmet chef. But I can make a pretty wicked lobster bisque! The recipe … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Sales Funnel and Set Yourself Free

sales funnel

Your Sales Funnel should be converting your clicks into clients -is yours doing that? Do you want to learn the secrets most business owners will never know about funnels? Successful entrepreneurs focus on helping as many people as possible. But are you attracting and serving your audience as well as you can be? I know there are many entrepreneurs out there who are not focusing on selling automatically. My questions is: What are you waiting for? No matter which group you fall into, I have great news for you. My friend Melissa Moss, a digital marketing strategist, is offering a FREE virtual event from May 22-31st, and it’s ALL about automating your sales and setting yourself free using … [Read more...]

Personal Leadership: Leadership from the Inside Out

leadership moonriek seebregts

Today, I'm featuring a guest blog post. "Personal Leadership: Leadership from the Inside Out" By Mooniek Seebregts, We see that the title of leadership, whether CEO, manager, entrepreneur or supervisor doesn’t mean that the person is courageous, honest, authentic and aware. We hope they will be but it is often not the case. Being in a position of power and leading from expectations, ego, and the desire to control is NOT leadership. Who wants to follow someone who leads from a place of dominance instead of understanding? And then we secretly reject or don’t want to follow that person. Have you knows mediocre leaders who don’t function well because the are … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Create & Maximize Free Gifts in Biz

maximize free offers in your biz

Today I want to talk about maximizing free gifts you offer in your business.  This is a great way to generate leads both online and at events. I’m talking about when you go to someone’s website and see an opt-in box where you are offered a free audio, video, webinar, a drawing, free report or download to entice you to sign up for their newsletter. If you are online, you need to offer this. And, your website needs to have the functionality to display the opt-in box, you’ll need a way to deliver your gift automatically via email or on your website. You also need to have a free gift to offer when you are at a networking event. I’ve just returned from an exciting networking event and was … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Are You Really Telling the Truth?

are you telling the truth about your message

I want to talk to you today about YOU - The truth about you and your message! The YOU behind the mask – the REAL YOU! I’ve talked to several people recently about speaking in their business, writing a book and doing a lot of other fun things to get more exposure, more visibility so they can grow their business and make more money. Many of these people shared BIG concerns about being vulnerable, being transparent, about sharing their story. Most of them really didn’t know the key insight, lesson or message they have to share. They are not sure what their worth was and what their story means to other people. If this sounds like you, I want to encourage to you STOP! Just stop for a … [Read more...]

3 Types of Marketing You Should Focus On


Today I'm sharing marketing tips that all small business owners should be spending time on. Most small business owners focus their efforts in only one area - going after new business. But by solely focusing on acquiring new business, there’s a tendency to forget or to be inconsistent with marketing to their contact databases or referral sources. Those are two areas that are the easiest to go after. The 3 Types of Marketing You Should Focus On Database Marketing Referral Source Marketing New Business Marketing Your Database Marketing is marketing to everyone you know…, regardless of your relationship. This includes your hair dresser, dentist, neighbors and friends. Keep in mind … [Read more...]

Grow Your Business and Income by Speaking!

speaking speaker success

Are you ready to Start Speaking about your Business? Do you have a product, service or idea that you want to share with the world? Are you passionate about what you have to offer?  That’s Great! But have you found a way to monetize it to increase your sales and income? Does your business make the money you desire? Are you are struggling to make the sales you need to grow your business? Do you want to generate more income that you thought possible? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you should consider SPEAKING! I’ve been speaking in my business for over 14 years which has made it possible for me to grow my business to six figures! Many of you have heard me say … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Start and Run an Effective Blog as ONE of Your Business-Building Success Strategies

blog blogging

I know lots of people suggest you should be blogging if you’re not already, right? They also say you should post something on your blog at least 3 times a week, right? It is a really great strategy to use in your marketing but it’s ONLY ONE of the tens of strategies you really SHOULD be doing every month. You just need to find the easiest way to do more of them faster or in more of an automated way. So here are some things you’ll want to know about blogging whether you’re doing it or not and then I’m happy to share with you too later on how to automate it more so it’s not taking too much of your time. Because the reality is that just the act of blogging alone won’t really bring in a lot … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – What’s Your Marketing Calendar Look Like?

whats your marketing calendar look like

Today I’m super excited to give you another Video Biz Tip – it’s all about plotting out your Marketing Calendar! Are you an entrepreneur who is not sure what you should be doing every month or every week? This post and the video below is a snapshot for those of you who are not sure how you should be spending your time or if you are outside of your office and in front of others enough to promote yourself and your business. This is one of the topics we cover in my Live Big Mastermind and at my Live Events, like we just did at my "Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend" event a few days ago, see the example in the video. Just remember to plot your marketing calendar and BE CONSISTENT! Consistency is … [Read more...]

Why Should You Join A Mastermind?

join a mastermind

Are you thinking of joining a mastermind? Face it! Many small business owners are solopreneurs. As such, they are alone in their office…alone to envision the big picture and make plans. They are alone to make decisions. So many of them don’t know what they need to do to grow their businesses and they make the mistake of investing in training and services that aren’t specific to their needs. They find themselves struggling with time management, they don’t know what part of their business they should focus on and they have a hard time prioritizing their activities. Does this sound like you and what are going through? A Mastermind group or coaching program can get you past all of this … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – When is a Good Time to Host Your Own Event?

host your own event

You CAN host your own live event BUT be careful or you may make some of the same COSTLY mistakes I did when I first did it!! Hosting your own event will give you extra credibility, exposure and cash flow!! But you want to learn how to launch them the right way and most affordably based on where YOU are in your business, not where the person is at that's teaching you. Now I'm not trying to instill fear to keep you from hosting your own event.  There are so many affordable ways to host an event! When I first started hosting events, I didn't have a resource to guide me or to field my questions.  I usually provide this type of coaching for only my high end clients or in my mastermind. I'm … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Secrets to Becoming an Author

becoming an author

You CAN become an author and as a business owner, you should! It will give you extra credibility, exposure and cash flow!! But, you should know that one of the biggest myths is that you will make money from a book. I say "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha to that!!" Really, most authors (unless they get published by a big time publisher and go New York Times Best Seller) won’t make money from just selling a $20 book. That’s NOT where the money is. The money is in the backend of what else are you going to sell them once they’re “in your funnel” so to speak? What else are you selling? You want to build a business around your book, add in additional products, programs and services that … [Read more...]

Video Biz Tip – Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses

lead generation

Today I want to talk to you about a topic that’s very important to your business – Lead Generation! Lead generation includes online and offline lead generation. Do you think about the number of leads you need every month? That a big mistake I see others making – they just aren’t connecting with enough new prospects, new leads every month. They are relying on their current list of people to take action and buy from. Many business owners are not effective in their lead generation, follow-up and sales. And, they are not making enough money. So you have to start thinking about lead generation and learn to be persistent with your efforts. Check out the video below for more detail about … [Read more...]

Embrace Networking to Grow Your Business Now


Networking is probably the single most critical thing that I’ve ever learned to do well that has impacted my business the most with more clients, more opportunities, more exposure and more fun. The more people you know, the more referrals and repeat business you will get. The number of people you have in your database is the number of people you have access to market to on a regular basis so your #1 goal in your business should be to build your database and set up a consistent, frequent system for marketing and following up with them. If this isn't your #1 goal, you're missing out on a ton of sales. If you're not networking (online and in person in some way), you're missing out on a ton … [Read more...]

What’s Kat Up To in March – EVENTS!!!


  Hey guys!! March is going to be a very busy month for me so I wanted to share some amazing events where I’ll be presenting a variety of ways to help you with your marketing, make more money and grow your business. You’ll find me at the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network meeting this Thursday, March 9th from 5:45 - 8 pm in Rancho Cordova. Attendees can network with other speakers, coaches, and biz owners. Take advantage of FREE speaker training – our topic on Thursday is "Design Your Talk to Sell or Not to Sell." You can also sign up to speak at one of our upcoming meetings. Click this link to get more details and register online.   I’m looking forwarding to meeting business … [Read more...]

10 MORE Fun Facts About Me, Katrina Sawa

fun facts

I did this a few months ago, I shared 10 Fun Facts about myself….you can go find them on my blog…. But here are 10 MORE! 10 Fun Facts: I was born in Phoenix Arizona but my family didn’t live around that area too long. I only remember we had a pool in our house in Scottsdale. I love hearts in case you can’t tell – they are in my logos, signage, home office, book, website and I try to wear a heart pendant of some kind when I go out; I have all sizes and colors. I now have to wear glasses to read the computer (boo hoo) and most print under 14 point font. I met my current and fabulous husband Jason on eHarmony and when in that process I developed a SYSTEM for finding your man, it’s … [Read more...]

Creative Business Summit – Have Fun Working ON Your Business

Dream. Design. Profit.

Are you struggling with your 2017 business goals? Is time passing so fast and you find it challenging to focus on your DREAMS?  If I’m talking to you, I want to invite you to join me at the Creative Business Summit: Dream. Design. Profit. It’s a LIVE event that’s being hosted by my good friend, Dr. Minette Riordan, in Los Angeles, March 24th - Mar 26th. As most of you have heard me say many times, you have to take the time to work ON your business instead spending all of your time IN your business! Are you finding it difficult to do that? Here’s a tip - I find that attending live workshops is one the best ways to gift myself the time I need to work on my business. Why? Because I’m away … [Read more...]