JumpStart Your Business NOW Radio Show

Bryn Johnson

Listen to Katrina Sawa on Blog Talk RadioAre you listening?? I host my own Blog Talk Radio show called JumpStart Your Business NOW brought to you by DivaToolbox.com and it airs on Blog Talk Radio from 11:00 - 11:30 AM (pst) every other Tuesday. My next show will air on June 1st, you wont want to miss it!!  During my next show I will be will be interviewing Bryn Johnson … [Read more...]

Video & Your Business: The What, Why and How About It All and HOW It Can Help You Increase Your Business If You Add It to Your Marketing!

Announcing Another FREE JumpStart Your Marketing™ TELECLASS! I’m introducing you this week to one of my video friends, Jimbo Marshall knows how to create compelling video for your marketing, your website and for your live events! Using video is such a great way to interact with your prospects, clients and referral sources – you know this, yet you’re not doing it yet. Why is that? What are you afraid of or hesitant about? On this call with my friend Jimbo and I you will learn: - How to make a good first impression on video - What video means to Google and why you should care - Video basics – the what, why and how of what you need to do to get started … [Read more...]

Video Tip From Kat – Cultivating Your Relationships

Here is a Quick Video Tip This week's video tip is a reminder to cultivate your relationships in order to have more balance in your life and business. SUBSCRIBE to my video channel to receive my future videos in your inbox! FREE info, tips and business strategies to help you start, grow and market your small business. … [Read more...]

2 Surprising Secrets to Increase Your Clarity, Confidence and Cash Flow


“Want to Know the 2 Surprising Secrets to Increase Your Clarity, Confidence and Cash Flow?”  Are you struggling with how to take action in your business or on a project?  Do you wonder what’s holding you back? Announcing Another FREE JumpStart Your Marketing™ TELECLASS! This call is a little different as there will be my guest and I who both share one component of creating a more successful business with you so this is a joint call with myself and my friend Pamela Moss. Topic: “The 2 Surprising Secrets to Increase Your Clarity, Confidence and Cash Flow” … [Read more...]

How to Manage Overwhelm & Massive Life Change

big picture katrina sawa

This particular topic has arisen for me this week because of my own life and situation with my business. I'm not an expert in life changes, merely a participant and observer. I do however coach women entrepreneurs how to manage being overwhelmed in their business, how to create better and more effective systems, processes, marketing and teams to take away much of their overwhelm. However today I thought I would just talk about it openly and honestly from one woman to another (as I know most of you who read this are women). First of all, we can be overwhelmed with our business, our to-do lists, our email, our prospecting and follow up - so much so that none of it gets done right? Ever … [Read more...]

Want to Encourage More Women to Become Financially Independent?

The Investing In Women USA Micro-Grant Program

The Micro Grant Program from Investing In Women was started to encourage more women to become financially independent. Why is this important? Studies have shows that empowering women can decrease poverty, increase education and promote equality. All of these create a society of happy healthy people! When women are in control of their finances they make smart decisions and spend more time focusing on family and a healthy lifestyle. … [Read more...]

Stand Out & Be Juicy: Magnetize Your Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients

lisa cherney

Free One-Time Teleclass - REGISTER NOW Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST I introduce you to lots of experts and this one is the juiciest! She has a radically different take on marketing. Really! So, if you are not easily ATTRACTING your Ideal Clients then you don't want to miss my interview with Lisa Cherney, The Juicy Marketing Expert. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to stand out in the crowd of competition. There are hundreds of businesses that sound like they offer the same services or products as you. Clients can't tell the difference! It's time to own what makes you unique and translate your passion into your marketing. When you don't, the clients you attract … [Read more...]

Simple (But Necessary) Phone Etiquette for Your Business


This is not one of my typical articles but every once in a while something occurs pretty often that really bugs me and of course I'm not inclined NOT to speak my mind. You see I've been doing some very 'Interactive Follow Up' lately which is one very important key aspect of your marketing (or it should be); I've been making phone calls. My team and I actually have been calling many people I've met in the last few months or more, reconnecting with them (even some of you reading this now); something I don't see small business owners taking the time to do at all - follow up calls. I can tell you that 'Interactive Follow Up' is so important for you to make time to do in this busy, … [Read more...]