Proper Ways to Give Gifts to Employees & Clients

It is very important for business owners to remember his/her employees during the holidays. Likewise, businesses should also take care to remember clients and referral sources during the holidays. Whether your client celebrates Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah or other December holiday, you can do something to thank them for their support, business and/or their loyalty. This can also be done during the Thanksgiving and New Year's holiday timeRecently, a few small business people have asked me “What should I send out for the holidays?” They explained that they either send calendars or King's (basketball team) magnets. Those are great items, so continue to send them if your business does well … [Read more...]

Secrets for Holiday Promotions

The Holidays are just around the corner, here are some tips to for Holiday Promotions. Is your business holiday friendly? Do you get busier during the holidays or are you slower due to the fact that people are not interested in purchasing your products and/or services at this time of year. Holiday promotions can be a useful tool for any type of business. However, you will still want to be creative. For example, if you send your clients holiday cards around Christmas or other December holiday, your card will most likely be one of 25 (or more) cards that your client receives. For this reason, I challenge you to set yourself apart from your competitors by being more creative than this year!6 … [Read more...]

Oprah Update #3

I'm going to Chicago in October, what are you doing? If you’re reading my weekly ezines or you saw me at the eWomenNetwork conference bid on the Oprah package, then I finally know - it's Oct 21-24 and I'd love to connect with anyone in the area! Send me an email or connect with me on Facebook so we can meet up when I am in Chicago.Technorati Tags: Katrina Sawa, Oprah Winfrey, eWomen Network, JumpStart Your Marketing … [Read more...]

9 Simple Ways on HOW TO Grow Your Business, part 2

Here are the other four tips of the nine simple ways to grow your business.6. Continue to learn. Go to conferences and workshops and read more about new technology, marketing and industry strategies and lead-generating concepts. 7. Position yourself as a speaker and expert. Write a book and/or develop presentations that will interest your target audience and promote yourself to groups reaching that target audience. Take advantage of media exposure. 8. Form strategic alliances. Develop ways to co-promote with professionals in newsletters, articles, ezines, workshops, teleseminars, mailings and more. 9. Expand. Open another location, target another market, franchise yourself or merge with … [Read more...]

F.R.E.E. teleclass this coming Monday night, September 22nd.

Hi there,Katrina Sawa here, your JumpStart Your Biz Coach. I wanted to send out a quick announcement about a friend of mine who is holding a F.R.E.E. teleclass this coming Monday night, September 22nd.I know you're a person who has their finger on the pulse of successful business principles and practices.This is why I wanted to be sure to share with you an amazing womenprepeneur - Heather Dominick - that has developed a radically effective process. It's a step-by-step approach that's propelling business owners to exceptional selling success.When you use this Unparalleled Proven Process, your business WILL be recession proof and your profits will soar.At one point Heather was struggling with … [Read more...]

9 Simple Ways on HOW TO Grow Your Business

You've built a successful business, you have an established customer base and you're well-known in your geographical area, your industry or both - so now what do you do to stay ahead of the pack? How do you take your business to the next level? Here are five of the nine ways to grow your business. I will share the other four in my next blog post.1. Delegate. Stop doing things that don't directly make you money. Delegate them to an assistant or other professional so you can work on your business instead of in it at least 80 percent of the time. 2. Develop new products or services. Develop monthly continuity programs and coaching or informational products such as e-books, home study programs, … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System for Entrepreneurs and Independent Sales Professionals

So, my new product "The Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System for Entrepreneurs and Independent Sales Professionals" is now done! Yippee!Here's what it looks like, it's 117 pages of content and me showing you exactly what to do in your follow up system and over 140 pages of samples and templates plus 9 audio/CD recordings - whew!Ok so it's not up on the website yet but in the next week I'll be sending you out a "Special Announcement" email on how to 'pre-order' it because it won't technically be up until my new site goes live. And most likely because you are my valued subscribers ONLY YOU will get first dibs on the first few copies and probably for an introductory discount!! OMG! Don't snooze … [Read more...]

Thursday, September 18 – Katrina is the Featured Speaker at the eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking Luncheon at the NEW Chapter in Folsom, CA

Thursday, September 18 - Katrina is the Featured Speaker at the eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking Luncheon at the NEW Chapter in Folsom, CALocation: My Brother Vinny's Restaurant,718 Sutter St. #200 Upstairs, FolsomTime: 10:45 amInfo: Get all the details and register here!Topic: "Maximize Your Follow Up System for Million Dollar Results!"At this powerful event you'll learn:The easiest, quickest ways to build an effective follow up system, What exactly you should be sending, mailing, emailing and saying, The 3 types of follow up marketing you want to concentrate on, How to delegate and automate the majority of it so it all gets done, Strategies that millionaire entrepreneurs use to … [Read more...]

Oprah Update #2

Oh and I just sent out a press release for my trip to Oprah and you can check it out online here along with that video of me bidding on the package, it's hilarious. Enjoy !Technorati Tags: Katrina Sawa, Oprah Winfrey, eWomen Network, JumpStart Your Marketing … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System for Entrepreneurs and Independent Sales Professionals.

This week I've been furiously putting the final touches on my new product entitled The Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System for Entrepreneurs and Independent Sales Professionals.Sound like something you could use? Do you always get to your own follow up or do you have business cards sitting in piles on your desk waiting for you to get to?This new product has email templates, samples and direct mail follow up letter samples and templates that will make your life soooo much simpler; plus it has a whole bunch of other resources but most importantly it will show you HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR EASY TO IMPLEMENT FOLLOW UP SYSTEM!This is huge, because when your 'system' is 'in your head', you can't ever … [Read more...]

Jann Taber’s online TV show

Last Sunday I recorded and was the featured guest on my friend Jann Taber's online TV show! If you missed it, you can check it out now and watch us LIVE! (It's 15 min packed with some great tips!) … [Read more...]

Oprah Update

I've already sent out a message to my Mentor Members and a few people that have recently inquired about my private coaching --- but if you're on the verge of signing up for one of my 1on1 services I need to warn you that I'm limited to taking only 2 more new clients in Sept and 2 more starting in Oct.Why? Because I found out when I'm going to Oprah and it's in October! I still don't have all the dates and details yet but I have to make sure I'm MEDIA READY!Oh yeah, and (when) I come back after being ON her show, you know I'm raising my rates again right? :0) SO ACT FAST PEOPLE!-Kat OutTechnorati Tags: Katrina Sawa, Oprah Winfrey, eWomen Network … [Read more...]

Do you need to update your website?

So, what do you think? Are you getting the most your website could bring? Here are some questions to ask yourself (or your web designer or hosting company):When is the last time you rewrote any of the copy or uploaded new content? Have you maximized your pages for keywords for the search engines? Do you have an opt in box on every page? Is it working? Are you tracking your web stats to see how many people are coming to which pages, staying for how long, leaving on what page, signing up for what? Are you offering valuable resources, content, articles and links that your target market will come back to your site often for and/or forward to a friend? Are you paying more than $10/month for … [Read more...]